4.0 Map Ideas!


The map was rather balanced, it was just the terrain and Macro/Micro placements that made it so bad. That and (IIRC) most of the map didn’t even have proper spawns set up for Zombies, Items, or Players & Vehicles.


fookin weeeb lol jk


I would like too see a map orientated underground like caves or a metro


Well you have Germany and Hawaii for that.


No i meant like the WHOLE map is placed underground
Withcaves and a mix of abandoned subways and metros
Maybe even a underground towns and cities etc and maybe a deadzone with an ancient civilization


Maybe Las Vegas?


Maybe have a map in a post nuclear war where we all live in metros and sewers. There are a few manholes, but going up will expose the player to the deadzone radiation where all the high tier military loot will spawn.
You will find a few places where people tried to live underground. And a few military camp sites. Making the metros extremely long and connected. Junctions and ups and downs


i think canada will be a good scenaristic MAP(we will know if the infection started in PEI or canada wanted they to stop the enfection or to not be enfected? it’s a good question)


PEI is part of Canada.


yes i know but a CANADA(the rest of the country)and how will give us more info about the infection(no one of our MAPs have got a relation with others maybe if we make by exemple by pitting 2 or 3 notes in differents maps for having more info about the game.!


UK Map is already being made by someone named Rommel.


This conversation is talking about official maps for Unturned 4.x, not Unturned 3.


we know :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why I was replying to NuclearPotato. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You Should Do An Egypt Map With A Heating System Where You Can Over Heat, This Is Where Ice Baths (how to keep cool) Comes In! Day With Be Scorching While Night Is Normal, Its When You Should Leave Your Cool Base And Get Some Loot! Also: A Cooler To Keep Your Food From Rotting!


Jeeze, chill out.


I’ve already suggested this about 3 months ago in the Steam discussions


Lots of people suggested it once Yukon came out. Don’t act like you have any original ideas of your own with this size of a community.


It might have been said already.

But I would quite like the game to be converted from the Unity game engine to something different. Nelson mentioned at some point that he was looking into Unreal engine.

The issue with Unity is it doesn’t support multi-threaded application handling. Meaning it only runs on one core/thread. That could pave the way for even greater things.


True… Ehh I Still Wanted To Get It Out There, The Idea Was Egypt AND The Heating System, Not Just Egypt, Not Just The Heating System