4.0 Map Ideas!


Probably already suggested in a similar way as you as well.


Capitalists everywhere :cold_sweat:


Oh noes


egypt is already being made by someone called leprechan12.


Procedurally generated map,input seed/theme,and let the algorithm work for you.The world will generate each time you explore farther,but there is a limit.


That would be a lot of work for Nelson, but it might have a good payoff. However, I’m personally not a fan of randomly generated maps in games like this.


I feel like with survival games you really need to make sure the space in which you are surviving isn’t just thrown together by an A.I, it needs to be really well made to be enjoyable.


It needs to have good sniper nests. Good vantage points. Good hideouts. Good base locations. Not to mention that the visuals should looks nice. Meaning, the cities in the map should be well done and well thought out. Not simply thrown there


I’d like to see underwater places that aren’t flooded… that would be awesome


Old good Canada. I think this is the best thing that can be, because it combines different weather, terrain, terrain. And snow. A lot of snow.


The ideea with the food rotting without a fridge is very good. I wanted to suggest it but I saw this post. I think it will be great if fridges and ovens will work. And if you don’t use them, your food is gonna rott in time, like 1% every 5 mins.


I made a post regarding this idea in detail about a month ago.


I agree with you on this Montro, PEI is a map that Unturned should always have.


Somewhere in French Guyana, map would be small, with jungle, many poverty but with a space center.

Maybe some kind of map located in siberia with a gulag


What would be the use of a Gulag camp ? Makes me think about the “nazi suggestions” for Germany last year, a cold desert map basically ?


Honestly I’d like fictional maps not based on entire countries. Like, the size of Russia but with large cities, etc. And in little regions, like, one with canyons, one with cliffs/ranges etc.


Conneticut. Its a cool place


posts on a 6 month dead topic just to suggest gulags



So basically France but South American


Didn’t even notice that, thanks !