A more in depth cooking system


Honestly this game mechanic should be something extra, that in a matter doesn’t have to do with the regular weight system.

Lets assume that high tier bases could use this special furnitures as an endgame goal, where players would be able to use them to improve even more their place; In that case, this “loot a fridge kinda thing” would be an additional game mechanic that is thought to add an extra challenge to endgame players, adding this mini-forniture-looting-gameplay thing that imo could be even fun.

About a weight system, ofc if you get overweighted then you’ll become slower but this fridge thing has nothing to do with that, it will be like this by design.


I’m fine with the crops we have for the most part, I just wanna be able to do more with them. Currently Potatoes and Carrots and Corn are useless. Lemme fry an egg, bake a potato, juice some carrots, and boil some corn. Nothing supurbly advanced, but just simple recipes and basic cooking for what we have already…

3.x needs more recipes to go with the food that’s there already.


We don’t have any crops in 4.X yet. It’s no easier to readd the same crops as were in 3.X than to create a new set of ingredients.


I’m aware, I’m just saying we need a topic in #unturned-3 for more food recipes with existing ingredients.


Likely out of context but this is what I’ve thought of.

  • Baked potatoes.
  • Roasted corns.
  • Roasted carrots.
  • Beef sandwich. (Made with actual beef. Not that cheap venison crap.)


The point is, that these ideas are good cus what ever you find, you’ll be able to maximise it’s effects


@UltimateCatTree @Loz_lusterclux I should stop the sassy self-advertising but… U 2 should check my post several comments above :point_up: something tells me you’re gonna love it.


Is there a refund if I don’t like it?

I never heard about Don’t starve before. But with a quick lookup on google, It’s seems pretty… cool, anyhow, I don’t know if adding cooking pots would be a good idea or not. (I mean, you can use a frying pan as a weapon, but a pot?)

The idea of using objects that’s already in the map for cooking seems pretty cool and make alot of senses, but really “everything” can be achieved by a simple fireplace. (Don’t give me wrong, but you’d likely to roast stuffs instead of baking a cake in an apocalypse, that’s just me though.) Not to mention that you should’ve find stuffs like logs or any flammable items to fuel the thing (Maybe add a “fuel bar” to the heat sources?) (and obviously not all of the flammable items burns equally. Maybe logs would last the longest, I don’t know.)

Also, I think you should be able to make a “ground-stoves” or “ground-oven” (whatever they called it. It’s basically just a hole filled with firewood or coals.) And use it as a “makeshift oven” (Which can roast, bake, and with a grilling disk, grill stuffs with it. Altho why would you add a grill disk)

But with all due respects, all of these bits-and-bobs kinda makes me just go looting a grocer than making my own food. I really expecting a-lot of benefits from all of these hard works. Otherwise this idea might be a bummer.

(I’m sorry for the wall of text.)

There’s a 90% chances that what I’ve said is already in your topic, frick. Welp that’s a waste of time.


Look! Another excuse for more sassy self-advertising! LOL

And about the rest, actually 90% of what you said is pretty generalized in the post. The purpose of suggesting such stuff is to diversify alternatives and for those to make more sense because, making a chocolate cake out from nowhere and without chocolate? Srsly?


Also not to mention that we shouldn’t add too much cooking-related stuffs. (Such as raw flour, sugar, salt, ETC.) Otherwise this might gets too complicated for new players and for people who just trying to looking for actually food but finds these clotted the loot spawns. (Perhaps they’ll actually learn how to cook IRL via unturned… nah.)

but what about the 10% :thinking:, I already saw your topic. (pretty detailed. Too detailed. I’m not playing cooking mama for christ’s sake. /s)


I think any complex cooking system should allow players to survive off of the most basic cooking, but allow players to use a combination of techniques to maximize their resource efficiency, preserve food, and balance nutrition.


Remember 2.0’s crafting system for buildables? That was a really hefty learning curve, and many (if not the most) people could handle it anyway.

My post doesn’t complicate anything nor tries to turn this into a cooking game, but if cooking will be skill based like any other action such as crafting, why not making it better?

I mean, I’ve read such stuff as:

Add real sniper ranges; bullet drop, penetration, damage dropoff, and even corioles effect (lol); customizable vehicles like in Mad Max; hypermutated turned of all forms and sizes; all sorts of custom clothes and makeshift armor; better animals and hunting mechanics; and long etc…

Then why the hell can’t I ask for being able of frying eggs in the frying pan, and making actual flour, from which I can make the type of dough I desire for making either bread or pancakes to eat with that egg? :confused:

I didn’t even inspire on actual cooking games; it’d seem dumb, but I’ve took ideas mostly from Old School RuneScape, which is one of the simplest (yet very assorted) games ever.


I mean, I don’t really minded more features on stuffs from 3.0’s cooking standards. I’d actually like (or maybe even enjoy.) such thing. as long as it’s not too far fetch or too ridiculous.

I just said what I think most of the people think of (the one that doesn’t know this forum exist. Simple individuals, just trying to not die, ETC.) There’s nothing wrong with asking for more features that makes a survival game… about survival. I just personally think that it might’ve been a problem for adding too much stuffs on a feature that has a somewhat of a better alternative.

Enough with the chit-chat, I wouldn’t want to sway the topic further. I hope you understand. Sorry if the last part doesn’t look obvious enough.