A post tracking every "Bandit NPC" post on the site



TBH, the amount you see people post about it proves how much people want it xd


IIRC Nelson has said in an old AMA that he doesn’t feel that bandit NPCs fit into the survival gameplay he’s looking for.


He’s mentioned Bandit AI on the Trello and AI in other areas as well (I believe on at least one devlog).


It finally happened. On the Unturned II Roadmap, Nelson put up a card mentioning Bandit NPCs.
Have we reached the heat death of the universe? Maybe, I can’t tell exactly. Let’s just hope they are handled well.

Link to Roadmap Card: https://trello.com/c/k0WXh95y/14-bandit-npcs

Thanks to @Spebby for telling me about this, when looking over the roadmap yesterday I didn’t see that.
(Link to his post: Unturned Bandit NPCs)


The death of the universe is near. The meme is dead. But the dream is real.


The entropy of an isolated system can only i n c r e a s e


Post #23 (Bot/AI Suggestion) And so, the saga continues… (Thanks to @GreatHeroJ - You’ve doomed us all!)


Yeetus Feetus, You may now have a topic that is deletus


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Duck memes? The only duck meme I know would definitely be violate the community guidelines.




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