A Post Tracking Every Single One Of MoltonMontro's Posts Starting June 16th to July 16th


Big fan I presume


A) I seriously doubt the forum actually told you this, I’d like to see proof
B) you make a lot of unnecessary posts so it evens out

Brutal honesty? Absolutely


Nelson’s post is 100 times more in value, so technically Nelson wins


The forum does tell people this, and Aj most definitely had over 20% of the posts at the time.





Today is the day.


can this continue until molton is admin?


no. to much effort, maybe I will make another post sometime later.


He is an admin now.


The thread is finnaly done, I know I’m late by a day, but it dosen’t matter anymore.
Maybe I will do something like this again, I don’t know. But for now, it’s time to put this post to rest.


No, it needs to become another chain game thread


beeb i don’t have time for that


maybe I will open another one later


Thats my birthday