About Magazines


is just a suggestion.

  • Reload a magazine bullet by bullet, one by one, holding a keyboard key.

  • Unreload the magazine instantly.

  • I am favor
  • i am not favor

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I don’t like the idea of the player having to reload a magazine by hand. Just adding a timer to crafting times will suffice to stop people from filling 5 Military Drums within 10 seconds.

Remember, “Realism for the sake of realism is bad.”


I wouldn’t mind refilling my magazine without having to go into my inventory, but I would like to

  • still have the option to refill magazines through the inventory/crafting interface
  • be able to use some speed loaders, so it wouldn’t have to be one by one
    (In my own posts and replies similar to this, I suggested this key could also be used to check if your magazine is full, and that if no full magazine is available when using the normal reload key, the player would instead do this form of reload.)


i like my idea because in unturned 3.0 when any need reload you magazine in the mid of a gunfire is just press reload in your inventory.
and same with a temporizator you can Shoot with the little you still have in ammo.

to me you go exit of your home? You need to be prepared!


I’d rather add crafting timers thanks.


That’s an interesting rationale. I have never seen a lot of people going into the crafting menu in the middle of a gunfight, but I imagine crafting times would deter the few who do.

I view refilling detachable magazines as a way to make gun play more interesting, and to balance weapons without them just being direct upgrade to eachother,

for example:

A Lee-Enfield without a magazine would have to be single loaded, and would be considered a very low tier weapon.
A Lee-Enfield with a magazine, but without stripper clips, would be a step up, but still not the best.
A Lee-Enfield with a magazine and stripper clips would be a equal to what the British used.
A Lee-Enfield with enough magazines that you wouldn’t have to worry about refilling them during your journey, is the way the weapon was designed to be used, it can’t really get much better.


It may work for schofield and hawkhound hunting rifles. Filling it by one by one.


Is this for Unturned 3.0 or Unturned 4.0?


He’s referring to filling magazines, not guns, though you are correct in that bolt actions can be loaded through the chamber.


Those bolt-action rifles are still fed with magazines. The hawkhound even has detachable box magazines.


I know what’s he talking about. But that gave me an idea.


The only thing manually feeding bullets into a gun works for are revolvers and bolt actions, everything else is too tedious.


If it’s tedious, then you’d only do it when you have to, but I’d rather have the option available when I need it.

(Also I don’t see why a firearm’s action would determine how it is loaded; what makes bolt-actions and revolvers easier to feed with single cartridges than pump-actions and lever-actions?


The option would not be to singularly load in each shell, but instead the current 3.0 system where you fill up your magazine with how much ammunition you have. I forgot about shotguns, mainly as I thought it was obvious that you would (mainly) have to load them one shell at a time. (exceptions exist of course, like the AA-12) I pointed out the Bolt-actions and revolvers as bolt-actions take (usually, some do not) one bullet, so you obviously have to load each bullet after if fires manually; and revolvers can be loaded with one shot if a player does not have a speed loader.


The current 3.0 shotgun system is extremely negatively received by the community, since it makes little sense compared to actually reloading single shells.

(e.g: reloading a Bluntforce from 5/8 to a 2/8 stack, like, do you remove the shells and then put less of them in?)


I understand that, and I agree that it is not the best, I was more referring to putting bullets from ammo boxes into magazines.


I am not in favor because this makes the implementation of some other mechanics difficult, such as loading your magazine up with multiple ammunition types in the order you want.

It also seems too clunky and slow, despite just being done through holding one key.