Access violation bug



I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 because of an update bug (ès-une/817c8c07-a048-4b98-9c9b-0359efb47219 the thread is in French but has a lot of images) and I started reinstalling some of my games with Steam. I reinstalled Unturned and I could play it for a moment, until it started crashing when launched. I have the same problem with other games made with Unity (Besiege), Unreal (Fortnite and Darwin Project) and other big games (GTA V). The crash files are available here :

Thank you


Let’s talk about that 4.0 category.


Oh wait I thought I was in 4.x category sorry


This is the first time someone has the same problem as me! I recently did a reset on my computer due to a bunch of random files and when I reinstalled all my apps, updates, drivers my games started to crash. GTA V, Unturned, R6 all crash randomly when I’m playing! It started happening after a reset on my computer.

Hopefully someone can help us fix this problem!


Thanks to some help on another forum, I found out that I forgot to reinstall some drivers! I think it was some PCI stuff, don’t really know what it is but now everything is working again