Actual effects of Reputation


Or they’ll you know, have zero stealth skills and give you away :thinking:

This also does not include other forms of aggression, like throwables, or vehicular damage.

Though, regarding the actual post

I think no rep system will be perfect. Everything will be no more better than 3.0’s current rep system. I’m sure Nelson will add one (refer to how many people begged for 3.0 to have a rep system like in 2.0) but it will be just as useless. I’m constantly being friendly to everyone ingame - thats literally my playstyle and the only good reason I can continue to play over 5,000 hours.

But I also, paradoxically, have the worst rep on the server - consequently from being very good at PvP. Theres no rep system that can reward people who truly deserve positive rep - so we should either not have one, or have one that gives no effects at all. Seeing all of this discussion and suggesting over the effects is cute and all, but unless we have a perfect system for calculating rep then I don’t want it - and the suggestions rendered useless.



Just in regard to the original post;
the npcs which follow you around or hunt you down is a pretty bad idea. For example a player could just follow the npc hunting you down to kill you. i like the discounts at the liberator though, but that doesn’t reallly affect most maps



Bro this is Unturned 2 and most maps might have npcs in 2.


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