Add-ons in the car


You can modify you car like:
You can put spikes in the car on the front
You can add crates in the car (or the cars have the own space)
You can add more space to keep more gas
You can put a gun in the car and some friend can shoot ( militar cars will have this and anothers car can be add)
Sorry by the bad english


maybe a snow plow on front to slaughter zombies and people…or to plow snow.


Plowing snow sounds pretty cool.


Kill people will make this much OP
Any people can just run with a car in a pvp server and kill everyone


Getting hit by a car without a snow plow could kill you in previous versions of Unturned, but cars weren’t the go to weapons of Unturned. I don’t see why snow plows alone would make cars into OP weapons.


i feel that cars in 4.0 will be easy to evade by simply standing in terrain cars wont function in like a swamp or a grove. unless your in the middle of a road these shouldn’t be too much of a problem. unless it is attached to an multi-terrain car then it would be tough.


Car bumpers could have additional lights, spikes, armor, winches, mine rollers, or snow plows attached.
Larger vehicles could mount mine flails, forklifts, or dozer blades, if they have the systems to power and control them.

Bikes could have several types of tires
Cars could have several of their own types of tires, and maybe some small treads (like the kind used on snow mobiles)
Large military and construction vehicles could have large treads and monster truck tires.

Truck beds could have tool boxes, towing equipment, weapon mounts, or
Car roofs could support weapon mounts, cargo pods, extra lights, or sirens.
Turret rings could support tank turrets or cranes.

A variety of doors, and hatches could be available.
A variety of windows could be used, or replaced by weapon mounts.

Transmissions could be fitted with a muffler, catalytic converter, or snorkel.

Cars could be fitted with roll cages or armor.

Vehicles could be fitted with seats, benches, storage, or other furnishings.


I think that that might be a Little bit too complicated, I mean its a survival game not a mechanic simulator, yet I think some of your ideas are great, like imagine having a towable cart for storage/weapon mount or even having the ability to tow other vehicles…


Freeform allows you to do that already. (#1)

Freeform allows you to do that already. (#2) Also, boot space is a thing already.

In real life I don’t think you can expand your tank’s capacity, but this is Unturned so that passes I guess.

Would make cars that come with an already mounted gun irrelevant.


Free-form building probably won’t be in II as much. Like come on, do you really want those apps that have hundreds of barbed wire on them again? I think he also means more of vehicle modification, like upgrades.


Would make cars that come with an already mounted gun irrelevant.

Not necessarily, a Technical is not a bullet proof as a Humvee is, and the variety of weapons you mount will differ for it’s usefulness.