Add PEI to 4.0


Pei should really stay because its a classic pretty much XD, its from 2 of the games in he series, why not a third?


Because it’s kind of unoriginal. honestly, I think the maps should all be fictional regions/locations. I don’t like maps that are based around entire countries and states, in a goddamn square mile, with irregularly placed “cities” based off real life locations, that are in the game poorly laid out small towns.

literally. “Russia”. Where Moscow is smaller than the most remote Alaskan fishing village. Let’s just drop the whole thing all together.


The problem with that I’d it adds more time to map development of the maps. It takes a lot longer to make naps if you don’t base it off of anything.


I’d take a longer wait over a rehash of the same map any day.


Pei has significantly changed from 2.0 to 3.0. Plus the majority of the unturned fanbase voted to have pei instead of Canada soooo… And as I said before, it’s a lot faster to have something as a reference for ideas. Take it from me, who knows that if your map is based on a fictional location, it’s going to take well over a year. If your working on it yourself.

Also, again. Pei hasn’t been basically the same, it’s changed. It may have the same ideas as 2.0 but still. It’s not a map that Nelson is gonna scrap just because a few people dislike it.


In 3.0, yeah, but also because Canada was an unfinished map with broken loot that took years to travel anywhere without a car.

That hardly is a strong argument, considering PEI barely even resembles it’s real life counterpart. Yes, using references most certainly makes many creative tasks easier, but there’s little correlation between the physical geography of Unturned’s PEI except positioning of the towns and landmarks. That applies to all the maps, really.

Regardless of similarities of maps to real life, the argument isn’t really about real life maps. “Fictional” locations can use real life inspiration as reference, even if it isn’t based on that location. Besides, not wanting PEI to come back as the first full map is not the same thing as advocating for fictional only maps.

It’s changed a bit, yes, but in essence it has pretty much remained the same. Most of the towns are the same. The shape is practically the same. The map size is the same. There’s not enough changed from version to version to really say that it’s really “changed” a whole lot.

One more thing to clear up: I am not saying I never want to see PEI in Unturned II. I do. I just do not want to see it as the first playable map. I think it would much more effective to release PEI later down the line, when Nelson has a handle on mapmaking, so that it can be a great map as well as a hit of nostalgia. I’d rather the first few “full” maps to be things that really bring out what Unturned II has to offer in terms of mechanics and graphics. Putting in a familiar face is easier and more friendly to returning players, yes, but it makes Unturned II lose a lot of its power. This is a new game, a sequel. It would be way better to show people something new, instead of repeating the same old thing, going through the same old motions and just remaking a PEI immediately.


i think naming places/cities/your entire map on real places, and having the actual map nothing like it’s irl counterpart is just unoriginal and kinda dumb


The map is similar, except I’m pretty sure Nelson decided to make it more horseshoe shaped than his it really is. Otherwise it is pretty similar, so don’t try to pull that.

  • no P.E.I in 4.0
  • P.E.I in 4.0

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Bad poll considering how most people are just saying it shouldn’t be the first map, not that it should be in Unturned II at all. :I


No, that’s what I wanted to ask.


Pei is leaving greatest map. Also, it isn’t gonna be the first because we have pineridge


People mean the first actual map, one not made primarily for developmental testing purposes.


Yeah K started suspecting that after I posted that xd


I’d prefer he add PEI if there was a ‘Legacy content’ update that references the previous game.

Otherwise, highly not recommended as the first officially finished map.


OK wait wait… We aren’t discussing if pei will be added or not?


Prince Edward Island’s is too overadded to unturned Just Stop…


how about you stop filling our notifications with dead posts? whatever.


If anything, PEI should return, but only for the (supposed) Story Mode.


I’d rather play a different map than revisit PEI tbvh. PEI has been there in every iteration almost and it feels too repetitive at this point.