All time favorite map?



i forgot about overgrown, they are great maps


yeah gamer you know it


PEI is just a classic. I enjoy the hotspots on the map for PvP, the simple hills for hiding behind - rather than gigantic rugged cliffs like Russia.

@GreatHeroJ Devtest_2 gang represent
flatgrass gang represent


UII Driving Test


its a good map lol


Washington was my all time fav until Russia came in. So for now, Russia is my favorite




i like how im just one big M i should change my pfp tbh


Make it your unturned character taken from the main menu, because that is the best idea for a pfp


but thats not your pfp


cuz his pfp is already perfect


what are ya talkin about?

Of course that’s his unturned character.

Whenever i see him ingame hes always angry, white, an excellent fish with manners but always wears a tophat.


PEI I have many memories


everybody has memories on pei


I think it really is the most finished map this game has to offer


First group battle, first base, once my group got into a circle of motorcycle death but that was in whoshington


pei becoz best all time survivval map 2.0 pei best map #survival sqod !!1!


PEI, Washington and Yukon are the OGs, but they seem small compared to new maps.

If you don’t have a problem with this I will rank them;

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Russia
  4. Washington
  5. Hawaii
  6. Yukon
  7. PEI
  8. Greece (It would’ve been higher but now it’s weird.)
  9. Carpat (Just no, it’s no.)


Wait germany is your favorite map? I am curious as to why, Could you explain? A lot of people dont like germany.


It’s just nice looking, the nature, the forests, the storyline, the Kaiser zombie boss, and it’s not an island; as in every map is dominated by water from at least 1 side, like the French Bay of Biscay, Hawaii is fully island, Greece and the east part of the sea, PEI is an island. So I hope I got my point across.