Any Difference between 3.2 and 4 gb Ram?


Is your PC a normal sized one and not small form factor. If so, I could ship you a GT 705 I have sitting around. It’s the OEM version of the GT 710 from the benchmarks its 400% faster than your current GPU. I just hope it isn’t too expensive to ship it. If your interested let me know


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Can we talk about this but,idk,in steam? or PM’s here?


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Add me on steam. It’s the same username I have here.


4gb of RAM is surely better than 3,2gb. The current standard for optimal performance is 8gb, so you have plenty of room for both the game and system and a somewhat large free space for when the computer needs to do that extra occasional workload (like a spike of the game’s need to load some more stuff to the scene or a background process firing up). More is redundant unless you do special stuff with good PCs, like CGI rendering or compiling heavy code or other stuff like that. I’d aim for 6gb if you want bigger than 4gb but on a tight budget.

Faster hard drives are better for loading times. They also may help reduce possible lag spikes in specific situations, like for example how I fixed occasional lag spikes in the unoptimized Insurgency Sandstorm by placing it on a SSD, lots of heavy resources that should load quickly. Other than loading times and reducing time to move and copy files, you aren’t gonna get any big benefit.

Oh by the way, I now noticed your DDR2 RAM sticks. Those are prehistoric. Cheap but very slow for current RAM standards. I would switch to the now regular DDR3, which is double the speed. But you should check that the motherboard accepts that standard.

That’s all you can get from the memory components. CPU and GPU are the weight lifters and do the math to make things run, so the only way to get significant improvements is with better CPU and GPU.

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thanks,that good to know

I know the ddr2 are prehistoric,but my motherboard is very old and only support those,and i cant afford another motherboard and if i could afford it, i would still need ddr 3 ram and that’s another thing i can’t afford now.
The only thing i could do to make a bit better my toaster that i could barely afford is to change to a better Gpu,but again,cant afford it

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