Any idea on how to make custom flag object? part 2


So I’m still tinkering around with the flag example files. With no success apparently.
I tried every method I can guess.
Change the texture file with the custom texture and updated it on material. Nope.
Chance the texture file with the custom texture, updated it on the material. Then place the model_0 and insert Clip, Nav and Object, and then move that gameobject (Model_0) with the original Model_0. Nope.

Then I noticed that. Maybe because there’s no animation file.

I’m pretty sure that flag has it waving animation. Maybe that’s the case?

(This is how I set up a gameobject. Already test it ingame. The flag still has only 1 side, but fortunately. Others than the animation and the missing side, everything is good.)

Any ideas?


don’t worry, flags have a shader which make them move without the need of an animation file. I’m not so sure but iirc the vine example has that shader (kinda)


What about the missing side?

(Sorry. I dont really have a picture yet. On mobile.)


that can be fixed with the shader.


Alright then.



Pardon me again.

But how do I set up a “vine shadder” on the flag?

And will the shader affects the flag’s pole?
(Updated, I tried updating both Flag’s shader and vine’s shader, still didn’t work.)


literally changing the material to Custom > Vine should’ve worked, and no it won’t.

and weird, do you have Asset_Bundle_Version 2 in your .dat?


There isn’t a “Vines” shader. The only thing I found is a “foliage” shader, so I used that.

I checked in the .dat file, and yes, there isn’t the “Asset_Bundle_Version 2”. I’ve added it, but all it did is turned it completely pink. Removing it and it’s back to the same problem.

I don’t know if I set up anything wrong so here’s the picture of things I think I might’ve missed.

(I’ve unchecked the imported animation. Don’t know if that’s really related.)


i’ll set an example for flags (working) and send it publicly later, ok?


play with cloth systeme in unity ! have fun !
this is how i created my Cape working with wind !