Any ideas on how to make custom "Eerie metro sound" effect?


I’ve heard that people make custom effects for guns and er, stuffs? But “likely noone” has made a guide for a custom ambient “effect” yet, so er… How do I make such thing?

All I can gathered is that you suppose to make an ambient file, (Day, night, wind all that jazz) and then put it in unity. (Which they NEVER specify anything else but to drag it in, bundle it. And voila.) I’ve tried that and er… It doesn’t work. I don’t know if you suppose to use an effect example file, delete the texture and the material, and replace it with Day, Night… I don’t know.

Any thoughts?

Also, sorry if it’s somewhat confused you, I’ve wrote this at 3 A.M.


someone posted this to the Modject, your going to be getting some help lol.
I my self don’t know how but someone on the Modject will. Someone like @Azzaholic or @Dieselsisel will know I bet.


I’d recommend taking the default effect example, tagging and layering it with Logic, attaching an audiosource with the right settings and with an eerie sound. Then bundling the thing and placing it in the editor.