Anyone wanna play 1.x?


I have a modified version of 1.1, it’s literally just one file replacement. It fixes multiplayer, cars and sound. So if anyone wants to play multiplayer, reply.

Unturned 1.x ID List!

Better not be a prank cause I’d love to do that, original sounds ?


Yes, here’s the download .


just tested it, it actually works. THANK YOU


Going to host at 6:00 pm EST. :alarm_clock:


Hey if you get the time could you fix the menu button while in a server? It doesn’t work so i have to alt + tab and X the game. Which isn’t a big deal. But when i X the game the experience i earn doesn’t save which means i can’t unlock any skills which really stinks because 3.0 doesn’t work for me and 1.0 is all i can play. :frowning: So i would love if you could fix this. Also if you think you now how to fix me not being able to do 3.0 i can give you details.


Also thanks for putting this download out 1.0 is so fun! :smiley:


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Not anymore.


For anyone who plays Unturned 1.x You should check out the ID list i made! Hopefully it helps! :slight_smile:
Here’s the link -> Unturned 1.x ID List!


Ooooh, nice radio tower profile pic.


Damn, How did you mod this? Did you change the .dll files?
If you did you should be able to change more than bools and ints


I didn’t mod this, I just made it popular!


Thank you! Nostalgy.jpeg