Badge Showcase


Most other sites have this functionality - I’d like the ability to choose what shiny badges I can display on my profile preview. It’s a minor thing but considering how many people have badges, this would be very useful for customization.


Off topic, but the Lounge chat only has 11 topics. wow.


Is there a way to see what badges you have left to get?



Why is there a badge for flagging a comment?


Something something involvement/helping community

But yeah, a tad short-sighted there.


Australian bush voice

"And here, pictured for the first time on television - we have a Lounge user in its natural habitat. These rare species are also endangered - with only 11 known colonies of lounge users left in the entire world."


I’m more proud of my whole user card


But yeah, badge customisation would be nice to have


That too.

Also I recently realized you could have gifs as profile backgrounds. And I’m a huge fan of pixel art/sprites, so I did a little facelifting. Too bad the lower half gets cut off, but at least I can have seperate backgrounds for my card and my profile.

The existing customization ain’t bad.


The steam forumers are taking over


We took over this place a long time ago :wink:


We got this under control


You cant escape now :smiling_imp: