Best games?

its only 20 bucks and all the DLC is unlocked, It and titantfall are the best shooters ive ever played.

Coughs in Skyrim literally getting GOTY multiple times for the same game on multiple devices…
Seriously, what kind of game is supposed to be taken seriously when you port it to Amazon Echo of all things?

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yeah lmao, once it gets on amazon echo, its just a joke

every game i had in my mind has been talked about here
so, i think celeste is good imo

For me, the best ones are Detroit, Heavy Rain, RDR 2, God of War, The last of us) Pretty every exclusive on PS4 is dope.

Since this thread got revived Ill take this chance to remind yall titanfall 2 is most likely gonna be on sale soon. Best shooter ive played in years, it beats out doom2016.

Half-Life 3

GRID 2 and Home Alone

Unturned :wink:

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Katawa shoujo

A month late, but nice

7 Days to Die (Probably already said)

  • it’s almost like Unturned with better graphics just more farming instead of just looking out for loot although that’s there too, it does get boring if your playing alone

Fallout 4

  • Pretty old game but still have mods that can make the game little more fun… it can also break it so watch it out for that

Dayz is becomming very good and really fun to play nowadays only the pricetag is a bit high like 39.99

Escape from tarkov is amazing


The escape from tarkov mod for ArmaIII is good too

Welp, since this was revived once again guess I’ll leave some of my favorites: Starbound, Stardew Valley, and Terraria. Some of the best Pixel style games out there.

C.O.H and C.O.H 2

Undertale, Deltarune, Elite: Dangerous, Kerbal Space Program.

And of course Unturned.

Escape from Tarkov. Think of Unturned with no zombies, Bandit AI, a storage system similar to /vault. And a variety of maps with different sizes. And LOTS of guns with LOTS of attachments. And extremely complex weapon mechanics (jamming, bullet type damage/penetration, bullet drop, rails, grips, scopes, lights/lasers, etc.) This game WILL make you scream and punch your monitor. so it’s safe to say it’s not for the faint of heart.

Unturned, you don’t sink as many hours as i have into that game, being purely gameplay for no reason, unless you fucking love it image