Bigger Cities


Now we can all agree that Moscow or Washington they are really small to be the biggest city and I think it should be harder to loot places like that instead of going through the whole place in 5 minutes. I just think that a lot more buildings should be in the biggest city.

Any thoughts???


A city the size of Washington sounds very nice

Definitely would like to have bigger places to loot and explore, not only the cities but everything else aswell like military bases, camps etc.


if you look at the driftless map it has a great size military base and descent city size. Huge map too. 4x the size of russia


Insane-size maps in 3.0 have their own problems like optimization.

It is however safe to say that maps in 4.0 will be larger and more well scaled.


We need to make a small map with jam-packed city like tokyo.

Oh wait nevermind. That would be laggy as heck.


4.0 test map town looks pretty big, so I’m sure cities will be larger and much better than the ones we have in 3.0


I personally think the cities should feel large, but not massive. There should be a sense of scale (tall buildings, etc) and definitely more places to explore in the cities and outside of them. When you’re in a city, you should feel on edge, knowing that there may be a horde of zombies around a corner, or worse, a player. I’d go as far to say that small towns should be the size of Seattle (3.0), at least.


Especially in Unturned, I’d love to have large-ish towns and cities, some with not massive buildings straightaway. Because you don’t see huge buildings out of nowhere, maybe cities 4x the size of Seattle, with kinda mid-sized buildings would be good for 4.0




I was talking about an entire map with just 1 city, (filled an entire map.) And replace locations with rescricts in each area.

Sorry for that miscommunication.


It may be more optimized, but that won’t magically make lag disappear altogether.

A city as dense as Tokyo, if done large or detailed enough will definitely cause lag.

I’d also recommend not using Caps Lock to convey a point. It just invalidates your opinion and makes you appear immature.