Why are Devlogs #005, #006, and #007 not in the 4.X category?


It’s Nelson, he can do whatever he wants
He literally made this website


He can do what he wants, which includes recategorizing his blog posts, explaining why they are categorized the way they are, and ignoring my question. No one is holding him at gun point, I’m just asking a reasonable question.


OCD intensifies

I’m sure Nelson won’t mind if… pokes category edit button on devlogs


he didnt reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


He did though.

He used the Discourse forum software to help structure it.


thats right but i guess i may have read that a little wrong?


Sorry about that! Sometimes I set the category in the draft window which might not carry over, I’ll try to remember to double-check the category in the future.