Can we host in unturned?


can we host in untuerned if no it will be cool!


Host what, a server ?


yes to play between two or three people?


Yes, it is possible to host a server! It has been possible for a very very long time.


Probably asking about having a button to host a LAN server without having to make it yourself.


yes we should make it easyer to use(if you have a tutorial i’m interested)


Nelson mentioned that 4.0 will have simplified ways to host and join LAN servers for people just wanting to have fun alone with friends


Use any of these, it’s not hard to host a server:


That wasn’t his question, in fact he didn’t even used the correct category for his post. Most likely talking about 3.0


True that that 2.0, not 3.0


Huh what ?


2.0 LAN hosting is pretty easy.
Just use Hamachi. It will give an IP which your friend can use to join