Captain sydney rant


Tell your commander that my name is “Eggie Sussi” not “Egg sausage.” For crying out loli loud I swear is knot that hard lol. /s


Lol has multiple meanings. One of them is Japanese animated… Well yeah that involves children, or it also can be the word that means young child. In the language it comes from. Im pretty sure it’s from Japan but I could be wrong.

Why did I write this? Cause I was bored and nobody was posting other than here.


Im legit done with unturned and with society because of this
(apparently reading hasnt been achieved yet)


n i t p i c k i n g l a s s b o i

Damn I should’ve have wrote “linda” instead.


(gone wrong)


Do you not know what /s means? IT MEANS IM JOKING!!!


Linda is a joke person for the undertale fandom that they usually use for the characters get angry at… They aren’t a real person in undertale though.

Or Linda could mean something else. I dunno