Car/vehicle/engine powered something-something building and dismantling


…what? You just gave me a picture of a tank? How does that explain how you move the turret and barrel? By yourself? (Also, dude no offense, but how can you not tell the mpve meant move? It’s called missing a letter when typing)
Bonus thots:
-crossout is an unreasonable game to compare mountable weapons on vehicles because you can just “do it” and it requires no machinery to do it.
-mounting a tank turret on a sedan is physically impossible because there is no way you can move it by yourself, and the sedan would crumple
-an average man can not do it (and give say"but people have" because those are people who know what they are doing, and an average man CAN NOT do it.
-it would take equipment which would not a world where everyone except like 5 people are dead.


Oh, boy. There’s so many things wrong with this I don’t know where to start.

First of all, you have the principle of proof of concept backwards. When presenting an idea, you’re supposed to back it up with evidence, not have someone prove you wrong for it to actually be wrong.

That said, funnily enough, Googling anything remotely related to a “car with a tank cannon” has zero results for actual cars with tank cannons. This is because, as I stated, they are simply too heavy. If you put one on the roof of a car for instance, the roof would simply buckle and crumple from the sheer weight. In fact, the only instance where I have ever seen a tank cannon mounted onto a car is in the game CrossOut, but that’s an extremely poor representation of realism. No people have failed doing this IRL because nobody is stupid enough to actually try it.

You also need a turret to attach the cannon onto, which not only weighs upwards of 5 tons (literally the weight of 4 cars!) but also has an extremely wide turret ring diameter that is difficult to accomodate. The weight of the turret and cannon would be the equivalent of placing an entire locomotive train on top of a Humvee. The entire weight of the gun and turret would literally crush the car.

You probably should’ve done your research on 4.0, since nothing you listed here will be in it. That’s all from 3.0, which isn’t the slightest bit realistic. And since this is a 4.0 suggestion, all of the things you listed are irrelevant due to this discrepancy.

IFV stands for Infantry Fighting Vehicle, and it is purpose designed for, as the name suggests, using a main gun to fight alongside infantry. An APC is an Armored Personnel Carrier, and it is often big and reinforced enough to receive a light gun turret. These are still far smaller than tank cannons, because guess what? Tank cannons are, you guessed it, too heavy for even these military grade armored vehicles.

You can’t argue your way out of this one. I know exactly how tanks work (I’m a serious tank buff with experience on tanks from WWII to the Cold War era), and I have provided only evidence-based facts that prove your idea is impossible. You have yet to deliver on hard evidence of your own, however. How about a picture of a car with a tank cannon on it, or some article explaining it is possible?

More sources:

will post more as I find them


i guess i do have to goofle(intentional) for you

where did i compare anything with anything? I did showed example how it can look and work from real life, some photoshopped photos and games. where did i say “it is realistic so bring it on!”

if you want to go into specifics be my guest

physically impossible with what type of cannon or gun? 20m, 30m, heavy tank, midium tank, small tank, anti air, apc, ifv, etc?
move it by hand? well of cource you can’t move it by hand it too heavy which doesn’t stop you from carrying a industial generator in your hand inventory.
physically impossible is trying to put a spacerocket on a niddle and expect it to hold.
this is a forum where we disscuss how to build a real life turret cannon on a standart-issue car and not somekind of a game suggetion discussion where someone is discussing plausible in real life mechanics. bleh.

what sedan, what manifacturar, what metal was used, how old is the car, was it repaired, ect?
you do realise that the turret won’t be connected only to roof right?

an average man cannot do it by hand, lack skills, insufficient money, not enough materials?

then why bother surviving then? let’s go see paint dry!


Mate, you expected Great Hero to google a Russian video of some people sitting in a field with a car that has the equivalent of an a modern APC turret welded on top?


Tank cannons were designed for tanks. Not cars.

End of fucking story.


Did you know, the issue is also the load capacity?

The M256 120mm smoothbore cannon mounted on the Abrams tank weighs 6,800 pounds, and exerts around 7,000 pounds of force when firing.

A Ford F-150 can only carry 2,311 pounds. It would crumple under that load.


Personally, I just don’t see what adding tank cannons onto random vehicles adds to the game.

This is a cool parade float though, even if it’s not real.

You’re right in that you haven’t. It’s likely just seen as being implied, since you try and show people images to convince them it’s possible.


Oh, and because I love real world examples, here’s a case with an article talking about the development of the M-51 Super Sherman!

The combination of a 105mm caliber cannon and a tank usually implies the ability to fire NATO standard full-bore ammunition, but this was not the case. Such a gun would not be usable in a Sherman turret, even with the extensions the French gave it. It was simply too large and too powerful for the chassis and the turret mount to handle. The gun had to be made shorter and the recoil had to be managed. As a result, the D-1508 was shorter and had reduced shell muzzle velocity compared to the 105mm CN-105 F1 used on the AMX-30 (915 m/s compared to over 1000 m/s of the F1 gun).

Basically, the thing about tank cannons is they are so utterly massive that retro fitting large caliber cannons to even other tanks causes issues. If the Sherman chassis has issues with mounting a newer (and almost outdated) cannon, there’s no way a family sedan could mount anything that was even worth using in any situation.

Mounting turrets to vehicles that are not designed for it would even be an even larger issue. Steel is heavy. Like even a T-34-76 turret, a rather small turret with a low-caliber gun and thin armor, weighs 5952.481 lbs without the horizontal drive.


when a suggetion with no implying on super realism even though with some real life but not o realistic exmaples has to be proofed? it is a suggetion not a constaction of facts even though some real life turrents can be installed in a car.

by that all tanks from all countries of all times has the same size and weight? ok…
where did i imply real life car pysics? show me.
you accuse me of suggesting a semiposible thing for a game. aha. nice.

as you said above. prove it then. it is not a suggecion. you stayted it as a fact. back it up.

you said anything?

you seem to be forgating one thing. when did i state that it is 100% certain that it can be made in real life if you just mash tank turret on a top of a car? it is osibble but only with major adjustments and aditions to the structure of the car. you would practily need to rebuild a tank around a it to have a maximum functionality out of it.
BUT that is no (AGAIN) real life suggetsion.
it is a game suggestion with some real life examples which you keep putting on a shelf of reality.


is it that hard to watcha video?


I think the point most people are trying to get across to you is that this suggestion of putting tank turrets on top of a normal car is unrealistic, and therefore will not fit in Unturned II. Nelson wishes to make II a much more “realistic” survival game, and a suggestion like this just flips that vision on its head.


You said to me to write in English, but your English is almost as broken as my dreams.
Anyway, read the devlogs. They will answer some of your questions. But it been known that II will be a new game, with more realistic features and mechanics, so you won’t be able to carry a 100 ton tank on your inventory. Just use common sense.


Interesting, you ask for proof on my end and then back out when you can’t find any to back up your point.

It is a known fact that 4.0 will be a hardcore survival game with heavy emphasis on realism. I have provided only logical reasoning as to why your suggestion should never exist, so if you choose to ignore that, it’s your fault.

Since you’re so obsessed with this laughably broken idea, I’ll just leave it at that. Not like it’s ever going to actually happen.


No, it’s because neither Great Hero or I can speak Russian or have a Cyrillic keyboard. Why did you even expect him to find a video in a completely foreign language in the first place?


you asked a proff of concept i gave it a long while ago.
repeating things like:
it is possible in reality BUT that depends on many things like car itself, tank turret size and weight, conditons of both, skills and abilities to install in properly and so on which can be omitted for enjoinment of your creation in a game.
look it up. it not that hard.

hardcore survival game with heavy emphasis on realism = more realistic aspects
yeah about that…

yes i am upset that you keep pounding things that i did not even mentioned to be realistic in the first place,
dual misunderstanding?
unwillingness to delve into subject of question?

we will see about that.


watching a video is a hard task for you? well ok. though luck.


I don’t even know what you’re trying to prove anymore. All your posts make points that just contradict the one before it, or just plain don’t make any sense. Just stop before you humiliate yourself further, man.


i made my point aside from main suggestion
that tank turret are somewhat posible in reality with some MAJOR arragements.
in game that process can be simplified for additional vehcile modification options and interactivity.
how else i can make in silplier to you i cannot imagine.


On top of being mostly implausible, nobody likes the idea.


The point is that simplifying a “MAJOR” process that requires tons of materials, experience, and skill does not make the game remain “realistic”. You’re pulling at straws just to keep an unrealistic and really generally an unnecessary suggestion afloat.

And, as Vilespring said, no one else is really interested in having this be in the game. There’s little chance that this will ever be added, end of story.

Honestly, at this point, I consider you nothing more than a troll based on how much you’re trying to save this idea.