Car/vehicle/engine powered something-something building and dismantling


so you represent the majority? good luck with that

  • Attaching a tank turret should be a simple operation, which can be done to most engined vehicles
  • Lol nope

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350+ might argue with you
the only troll based thing i see is accuseing and arguing about things that was not mentioned as realistic in the first place.
i am only trying to defend my point


Well, it doesn’t help that your English is broken af. To think that you were complaining about 1 letter I messed up, heh.


complaing and pointing out is not the same thing my dear


English please


are you… COMPLAING?

now we are complitly out off rails


You make fun of me for saying nobody likes the idea, but by that poll, you seem to be alone on this one.


i stand my ground and i am proud about that.


in unturned all ya gotta do is make some turret models and bam


also can you add a third option?
“bicycles with turret gun on top”
i think the majority will love it more

thank you in advance


putting a turret on a bike is the most retarded thing I have ever heard


just guess whos idea it was in the first place. just guess


ten characters


Nobody has suggested that that would be a good idea. I used bicycles to prove the point that not all vehicles should be capable of having tank turrets attached. You conceded that manually powered vehicles shouldn’t be capable of supporting tank turrets, but remained adamant about cars. Ultimatecattree said trailers with machine gun mounts being pulled by bicycles would be okay, but not tank cannons. KingFrog said the only weapons available to bikers should be the ones they can hold.
Until I see someone actually support tank turrets being added to bicycles, I don’t see a need to add that option.


That moment when someone makes a meme out of a bicycle turret but you actually take it seriously


I can feel my IQ dropping by the second


the bicycle epic started here


Was I this obnoxious when I was insisting on weapons draining stamina? If so, I deeply apologize.


That’s my background on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:


that souuds like a good suggestion for using guns like maching guns, hellsfury or after you fire for a long time from automatic