Carpat is a terrible map when I experienced it and here is why! [RANT]


Carpat but it’s what 99% of the people thought of from hearing it for the first time. (Colorized)

I’m so sorry for the derailing.


@GreatHeroJ bro that joke only works on modject people

@Loz_lusterclux Is this actually what carpat is like? I cant play it ever since I had to downgrade my computer. (marginal /s about asking if that’s what it likes but i mean… yeah)


The map isn’t bad at all, it’s actually pretty good if you seek a true survival experience.
Must mention tho, that jus like any other curated map or even like every other official map, at the beginning bugs glitches or flaws are present. People seem to have a very short memory about this, that’s why you can see so much nitpicking criticism about this map around.

There never was a new content in the history of untuned that was ready and fine from the get go (maybe Dankaby’s maps?).
The game itsef had to be developed over years just to reach the “good” status that it has now, so I really can’t understand why people keep expecting triple A contents to be released from day one, especially since this project has been made from a new team, and not by the usuall curated creators that we are used to.

I belive that if the developers of carpat don’t give up, but instead keep working on it we could have one of the finest maps around that could really bring back the so long missed "survival experience.


I do agree. I think my opinion is changing about CarPat now.


Seems like a pretty normal issue

It’s supposed to be a very empty map.

Actually, no. The clothing was supposed to be this way for realism. At least you can’t fit a PDW in your T-Shirt.

  1. There are farms in Carpat.
  2. There is a town in Carpat.
  3. Military loot is supposed to be spread out.
  4. Locations are supposed to be spread out.

You shouldn’t still be playing on a Macbook, but I don’t blame you.

oops welcome to Unturned 3

oops welcome to Unturned 3

oops look like you missed the whole premise of the map


I did not even realized it oof


I think the part we should all be more concerned about is the fact that several buildings don’t have entrances :thinking:. It’s this kind of crash and burn release that reminds me why I stopped playing 3.0


wow you put a lot of effort into making this joke. only thing you did wrong was not post it under #memes


It was not a joke. I was actually kind of ignorant.


Are you sure the server you joined isn’t a creative one?


It did not say creative according to it’s title


Yes, there are towns and farms.
and yes, the reason for most of the issues are your computer.
also why the fuck are you gaming on a macbook
Also, “sock jeans”.


The only reason I don’t like this map is not because of the fact that people said that it’s just too-unpolished. But because that they use “The farm” instead of “Dimitri’s farm”

Smh this map rusted my mouth. /s