Now I want to fill a shopping cart with highly reactive materials, explosives, and armed proximity explosives and throw it onto a road when a vehicle draws near (or just drive it into the car).


it’d be fun if you could get placeable, flammable fuel canisters that you could shoot or light, and just fill a shopping cart full of 'em and roll them down a hill into oncoming cars and do goofy stupid shit like that

also there should be a tanker truck that’s highly explosive as well


Better yet, since flammable stuff is already planned for down the line, have it so when trunk storage is visibly taking up open seats that the game can still interact with the stored items directly.

Why? So that bullets can set off flammables you have in any exposed trunk storage areas. :]

I’d be fine with carts being able to carry players around, but I think I’d prefer if it was through entity hierarchy (parented offset movement) rather than seats.