Chain Game Thread



hi conglatulation kid , i’m your father


Hi your father im your uncle


Hi your uncle, I’m Altoids


Hi Altois, I’m You don’t have to undermine my intelligence when you are speaking to me I can understand very well. I am not the only person complaining about your excessive inconsiderate behavior. For your information, I have put in SEVERAL work orders and have SEVERAL blankets, socks, etc. I have NEVER put the heat on 77 and knowing that you’re basically telling me to fuck off is not okay with me so if you want to make this bigger than it has to be we can. Obviously you don’t feel like 70 or 72 is a reasonable temperature because you constantly place the air on 68/69. Like I said in the last message be more considerate because we are FREEZING over here. And if you didn’t know they sell fans at the store so there is DEFINITELY something you can do to get colder. The season is WINTER not SUMMER. That being said goodnight.



Im, just get some space blankets…


Hi just get some space blankets, I’m not NASA, (maybe I could get regular blankets, but space blankets? No way)


Hi not NASA, I’m not NSA


Hi not NSA, I’m not KGB


Hi not KGB, I’m not GRU


Hi not gru, I’m not the eviction notice


Hi not eviction notice, I’m Glory to Arstotska.


Hi Glory to Arstotska, I’m the Order of Ezic Star


hi the order of the Ezix star , I’m communism


Hi communism, I’m a failure


Hi failure, I’m me


Hello me, i’m F.R.O.G


Hi F.R.O.G, I’m B.E.A.R


Hi B.E.A.R, I’m L.A.S.E.R.


Hi L.A.S.E.R, I’m S.T.A.L.K.E.R


Hi S.T.A.L.K.E.R, I’m your ex