Chain Game Thread


Hi a new failure, it’s the end again.


I hope it stays that way.


Maybe. Maybe not.


Hi its end again, I’m dead inside.


Hi I’m dead inside, judging from your profile pic it does indeed appear to be true.


God damn it this post was clinically dead for a reason


What can you say?

The dead are rising again these days.


this all started with


Hi this all started, I’m this this all continued


Hi this all continued, I’m To be continued


Hi to be continued, I’m next time


Hi next time, I’m tommorrow.


You’re not tomorrow because there’s no tomorrow for degenerates like you.

Nah I’m just kidding.


Hi just kidding, I’m just a prank bro


Hi just a prank bro, i’m getting gang ganked.





Hi can we stop this thread please, i’m no.


no, stopstop STOP STOP STOP STOP


Hi no stopstop STOP STOP STOP STOP, i’m yes, keepgoingkeepoing KEEP GOING KEEP GOING KEEP GOING KEEP GOING


Hi, Im-Im gonna report you to the almighty MOLD