Claim Flag + Others Exploit


In that case you’re gonna need more than 1 person and waste most of your space with gas, generators, and oxygenerators.
But if you play alone, there’s no way you could manage without a vehicle


Well if you play alone, it will just takealot more prep and you’ll need to use industrial generators to have enough stored fuel to power all the oxy gens long enough to get into the base and place one down there.


1 issue, you don’t know where the claim flag is because of this issue
It could be in the floor, it could be in the walls, and it could be in the pillars. So you can’t place the oxy gen nor the fuel gen. And you’re gonna have very limited ammo because of the lack of space you have from the gen, the oxy gen, the indust gas can, the plates, the umbrella, the healing equipment, and each ammo box taking up 2x2. Keep in mind that most of the free slots would be a 1x7. 2x1. Or 3 slots, with the 4th being a plate/dressing, which is very important…

Okay, maybe not “1 issue”, but it falls under the same category: space


As I said, you would have to prep alot more with a solo raid. That would mean you would prep the ammo to destroy everything needed, including everything to find the flag, you would have storage for that ammo and some meds and a load of gas for the generator. Plus anything else you would need would be needed to be stored in those lockers.

Plus if you can’t find the flag just shoot the base until nothing remains as it isnt hard to get the ammo


You will just have to hope your raid supplies dont get raided during prep


I’m pretty sure that the main point of this topic is to say that claim flags shouldn’t be inside of the wall. When is this raiding thing started I wonder.

Speaking of wall, do you guys think that our president used this glitch to prevent mexicans from placing ladders near the border wall? /s


DijU jUs AsSOom My NasHuNaLiTi?


Look. You should be greateful that I didn’t said Jim Justice. He’s the real president of mankind, the dude literally has “justice” in his name.

Alright jokes over. This isn’t #maymay


I don t really see necessary fixing this bug/glitch sense base raiding is to easy for many people and yes i m using it as well as i m really sure others do two. fix/balance raiding bases and then we can talk about fixing this game element. nice explaining btw.


That’s pretty backwards logic.

Bug fixes are almost always a priority over rebalancing mechanics. Regarding this as a very temporary remedy to a chronic problem won’t make anything better, hence why this still needs to be immediately fixed.