Concerned about the profitability of 4.0


Hello guys, this is a more serious discussion.

As we all know, 3.0 is pretty good at making money (Albert costs immersion) we have gold, we have skins for everything, loot crate and boxes, and keys.

And a marketplace.

Just about as comfortable in monetization wise as I’ll like to EA.

But… Here is the problem.

4.0/unturned ll has the same monetization as 2.0/classic.

Which is only gold, and on top if that official servers to hoast. Not to mention a fully fleshed out life with a female friend.

Now, 2.0 was fine because he still lived in his master bedroom in his parents house, and his parents the basement.

Now in 4.0 he has less income streams, many, many more expenses.

And rejected his primary previous 3.0 income additions.

Now, before he moves back into his mother’s master bedroom, let’s figure out a way for him to live the seven figure life.

Without becomeing a EA you knows what.

Now, what is your idea how to make 4.0 profitable, but avoiding ruining it?

also I may do a post of my ideas how to make 4.0 profitable, and not ruin it


If I’m honest, I don’t think its any of our business what Nelson makes. I’m sure he has a plan for income and I think we should leave it at that.


Not exactly, no.

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I do think that cosmetics should return, but only the more serious and artstyle fitting ones, which are almost all of the common and uncommon skins and cosmetics (along with the Digital skin). These items were some of the first implemented, and were greatly received, all the while being useful, nice looking and not over the top.

That said, I think those cosmetics shouldn’t appear by default on players, but rather would be “unique” versions of clothing already found ingame, or better yet, cosmetics could be applied to any clothing of the type.

For example, shirt and hoodie cosmetics that we have in 3.x could be simply a design applicable on clothing in 4.x. In 3.x a Spark Shirt would always be a gray shirt with a thunderbolt design on, while in 4.0 you could buy the Spark design and apply it to any shirt with an ingame item, and same would go with camouflage patterns.


That’s for Nelson to worry about.


So if the progress of 4.0/ll completely halts/stops due to financial difficulties, your fine with that?


I don’t think you should be worried about it. I mean he kept up for a year with only gold donations since the start of 1.0 (late 2013) and early 3.0 before cosmetics arrived. Paying for bandwidth during that time was also a factor

While he gotta pay for server upkeep, I believe the Premium pass and re-introduction of certain inventory items would pretty much make up for it

Not saying it is perfectly fine. He will tell us if it’s troublesome and what isn’t when the time comes


Point taken, but didn’t his real life start untill mid 3.0 with real life expenses, not just candy money like in 1.0.

He started so he could get some games with gold, at that time he was just a teen at home.

Today he lives in a apartment, has a girl friend, pays for anti-cheat, and soon server hoasting.

Just with one confirmed (non-renewable) income stream, and since I do not know the numbers and statistics behind his situration, I’m just trying to look out for him.

Just if he is oversighting a potential issue, I just want to be there to point it out, and provide a potential solution.

You know, feel good stuff like that.

anyway, I really want low-tone cosmetics on clothing

Just trying to smooth out the road before he runs into preventable parrel.


The guy’s milionaire, jus don’t worry


I agree with this specifically, the rest of the post though too.


Personally, I think there should be something like a patch system, where you can buy a design, and it would go on you shirts/pants. They shouldn’t be 1 dollar though like all of 3.0’s stockpile. (i left out like engraved gun designs because it has been discussed a lot that you should be able to do it in-game).


As far as gun skins, there should be default gun skins you can paint onto your weapons in game (given that you’ve gotten the kit to do that) but buying more skins gives you more colors, hydro-dip patterns, or paint on designs. That way, you don’t have to have an All On or All Off for weapon skins. Also, someone could steal your painted weapon in game, or you could trade a painted weapon in game. (they still of course only get the use of the gun, not the actual skin. like in CS:GO when you kill an enemy and use their gun with a skin on it)


If everyone who played unturned bought gold, he would be. But loads of people don’t buy play it.


I think Nelson should set up a merchandise catalog on Redbubble, Customon, Teepublic or Teespring. It could also give variety for Unturned besides just in-game cosmetics and skins. Or he could just set up a Patreon account.


I really don’t think so, but I don’t feel like “counting Nelsons money right out of his pocket”, it’s not nice so I won’t show my calculation about this.

Unless I get 50 hearts, in that case I will >:-D


I made the calculations based on how many people are playing/played unturned. Gold costs around 3 dollars, and there are like what, 20,000 or more people who have played/playing unturned? if all the people who hadnt bought gold before bought it all at once, nelson would be rich beyond our dreams.


overall reviews of the game are 311,283 thats not even the entire playerbase. imagine if every single one of those players bought gold, well except the people who have bought it already.


Gold costs 4,99$, currently 8163 people have reviewed it on the Steam store, that’s almost around 41k on it’s own, and I guess that the amount of people that haven’t made a review on it is way more higher.


Ok since you started it
So, updated to 2016 Unturned has been downloaded 26 milion times. Now, lets say that 1% of these people got gold. 1% of all the players that downloaded the game, isn’t it reasonable? (I think its more but still).
Now, do 1% of 26 milions then multiply for 5$ and tell me about it.

Obviously this kind of calculations could be totally wrong since that there is no real way to know who actually bought gold so the result could be much lower but also much higher.
This ofc does not take in consideration all the skins and cosmetics obtained with the box key.
Not bad for a free to play game :sweat_smile:

Speculation timeeee


the message below isn’t really directed at anyone in particular

Steam and VAT would probably end take up 50% of the gross profit of any game (or game DLC) sold on Steam. This doesn’t take into account the Stockpile, but, yes, Nelson is not hurting for money and has said such numerous times.

However, Nelson most definitely cannot support himself and the game without incoming revenue. He hosts four websites, and has subscriptions for things like Trello, GitHub, and Amazon S3. Unturned II has official servers, which can be expensive to host. He also has to support himself, and anyone (or anything) else that lives with him.

All of that being said, once again I’m reminding y’all that…

…Nelson does not plan to just scrap the Steam Economy entirely. He plans to reconsider the system, and potentially bring it to Unturned II in a reworked state.

And although Unturned II will be free, it is planned for the game to have a Server Pass that grants access to the official servers.

A Post Tracking Every Single One Of MoltonMontro's Posts Starting June 16th to July 16th