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Idk about this. I mean are you guessing or it’s a fact? Cus if this was true, there would be no way that big companies like EA Ubisoft and friends would not just sell their games on steam, but also oftenly at a lower price then the disc edition. (ok you have the advantage of not needing the disc and box but still 50% is a lot)

About the rest, it’s obvious imo that everyone needs money for a reason or another, from who starts a business to who “just” has to eat every day, otherwise people wouldn’t be spending it in the first place :sweat_smile:
So I really don’t understand why so many reasons about “why having an income is necessary for Nelson” have been listed.


When you buy a 60 dollar game from stores, the store bought it for 30 dollars or less in a contract, and also agreed to sell it for 60 dollars so they cant lowball all their competitors. Once this contract expires, after a decent amount of time, official bought games on a contract can be sold for whatever, which is where places like gamestop come into play. And also nelson is rolling in the dough I would assume. Hes fairly young and hasnt been away from his parents for too long so its not like his cost of living has been super high. Hes just living normally and fufilling his passion, if he wanted more money he would charge more money.


You’re right but it’s not 30 dollars its 40 to 50 (unless yours was an example).
About the rest I got nothing to say, Nelson is a cool guy.


It was an example I dont know the specifics


Yea well I know directly irl someone who works in that sector of business (not some company boss, just someone who has the accounts in hand everyday) and the story is more or less like I stated above.
Also who sells games like stores or even merchandise providers had always complained about how little they would earn by selling video games, but that they were “forced” to do so for a whole series of reasons, such as the fact of being able to attract more customers in the store and more.


Fact: Valve takes a 30℅ cut, leaving the remaining 70℅ for the developers. This is actually quite widely known, and is why a lot of developers, especially indie devs, sell through Steam rather than go through publishers (who usually take 50–60% iirc).

Fact + Guess: VAT is referring to the value-added tax, which differs per country. I’m sure Steam handles some of that for developers, but it’s likely that developers still have to manage some of their own tax obligations too regardless.

Guess: If we assume that all VAT for every country is inclusive rather than additive, then we’d be closer to developers taking the full 70% again. Of course, excluding their own tax obligations, but still. If the VAT was additive, I’d assume Steam wouldn’t just “raise the price” of the game, and instead just take a portion of the remaining 70% and put that towards the VAT.

Fact: Steam has a larger customer base than other similar services. More people use Steam, so it makes sense to market your products. Easy advertising, and increased sales. If there’s double DRM, then you likely have your in-game premium store/currency connected to, say, Uplay or Origin rather than Steam anyways.

Fact + Guess: Publisher-exclusive deals and contracts most definitely exist, they just aren’t shown publicly due to favoritism and privacy agreements and all of that. While 30% is definitely the standard, it’s probable that Ubisoft and such may have special agreements.

Because all of those things are expensive expenses and unchanging. Implying that someone can decide to have zero income because they suddenly hit a million dollars doesn’t make sense. Living an average life for 18 years will render you broke if you just had a million dollars. If you’re supporting a business with the same money you’re living off of you’re going to lose money faster.

But those aren’t huge issues regardless, because as previously stated by various people in this topic: there are still sources of income besides the Server Pass.

Quick addendum to the previous reply I left though, because people seem to be forgetting this too when they talk about sources of revenue:

Second addendum:

According to this, it looks like VAT is inclusive for every country it’d apply to. However, it’s taken out of the developer’s 70% share.

I could be wrong on that, but yeah. There’s also like regional pricing differences Steam does, so it’s just…

really hard to get a good idea for something like that. Fortunately, again, it shouldn’t matter because Nelson does have income. I’m not going to bother continuing to probe at it, but if anyone wanted to you could probably use Steamworks and sites like SteamSpy to get a good idea about that.

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I think he will bring in skins and creates when he needs the money. If he does he might make the skins fit with the atmosphere of 4.0. Some skin examples are kill count skin with blood marks, camos, colors, and makeshift.


the idea of having no weapon skins or cosmetics is fucking stupid tbh. like boi i want a ushanka

personally i kind of think the idea of “painting skins” should just be scrapped, but whatever. I don’t see what Nelson has against lootboxes/marketplace in 4.0


I want an ushanka, and I want to have to earn it through looting not payment, and I want it to protect me from the cold, not simply to be a cosmetic.


all unturned copies make an equal amount of money


Proof or it’s a lie.

No, roblox and mincecraft doesn’t count.


It’s not a lie, it’s the platform he’s campaigning on.


What platform?




Ow. Ok I won’t beg to differ the greatest humen ruling concept I will seek meself out now.

In all seriousness tho. What platform? I’m genuinely curious.


communistic pc


This platform