Congratulations on 1,000 users!


You haven’t enabled it, go to your settings.


There we go
Thanks for the help! :stuck_out_tongue:


need a way to surpass molt :frowning:


Killing him is the only way we can succeed! Shall we strangle him with a piano wire in his sleep?


What Kylie didn’t know is that Molt has built up an immunity to such things.


what about a potato


What Molton did know is that it’s pretty ominous to refer to yourself in the third person, especially with italics


Little did you know, while you were plotting to kill Yarr, I was plotting to- AUGH



[ten characters]


but what about this?
raises a plastic bottle with a substance inside it
Your one weakness, maple syrup!!!


I’m actually plotting to kill Molt because he’s way in the lead. Killing him will make it easier for all of us!


You fools killing him won’t remove him from the leaderboard


Exactly - it will just immortalize him


I sure wish i could join the cool regular club but ye olde irradiated spud was a massive poo head



The virgin user vs the Chad regular

Thanks, I now have meme material


another for you my prince



oh heck


how the fk did you get 600 likes in less than a month


He’s quite Respected.


On average, I make the active effort to close the gap on everyone ahead of me with quality content and stuff like that. Basically, I’ve been slowly catching up for the past 2 months. Looking at Weekly I’ve been surpassing the nearest people on the User board (you especially, Yarr) so if anything I’ve just been super active lately. As a tradeoff I’m also super generous with giving people likes as well, which is why I recently got the Empathetic badge.

no hax pls dont ban /s


On an unrelated note this is about to happen.
Congratulations to Nelson for (almost) having 5,000 views on his profile. Someone’s becoming popular.

@CanadianMRE How’s stage 4 coming along? :thinking: