Creation of the story


Eh, I came up with him as my character during a D&D game.

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Its about carving fucking pumpkins dumbass.



You don’t say?
It’s the wording that seems off, not what’s actually being done.

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What’s actually being done is typing.

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Well we should probably have someone start it off, and then everybody else builds off of that.

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I say we start with mine because it isn’t lame as shit

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oh yours is definitely lame as shit

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We’ve already done that and look where we ended up:

Not to mention I have a feeling Aj does not like that premise.
We need to first decide upon a main character. Therefore, a poll is in order:

  • Human
  • Robot
  • Cyborg
  • Space alien
  • Furry or related degenerate shit
  • Pantherian
  • Lycanthrope
  • Some kind of amalgamation of man, beast, and machine
  • Zombie, skeleton, or other undead
  • A washing machine or any other inanimate object that has achieved sentience
  • Any other type of fantasy race similar to human physiology, including but not limited to elves and dwarves
  • Any kind of higher being including but not limited to demons, angels, and immortal indie game developers

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Sometimes I wonder if you’re a communist because you are so humble that you feel above everybody, and you want to be on their level once more.

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the answer is lysosome



Sometimes I wonder if you were paying attention when I said:


It’s a running gag by this point and people just call me a communist because they can’t be bothered to remember that I’m actually a liberal democratic socialist.

I’m also not even going to pretend I’m humble, because I’m actually not. I sure try to be, but it doesn’t always work out, and because of my faults as a person, I can’t call myself a communist.

So yeah, call me what you will.

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OwO said Nelzlanie Sixtonnes as Dan arkaby began to walk towards him…



So you aren’t cool enough to be a communist? :sunglasses:

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Yeah, I guess you could say that.

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No one is cooler than my orange peel man! Why you may be asking well I will tell you why!

  1. Well when

  2. And to go and eat nice

  3. Eeew its not green!?/

  4. Seriously crumptons

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Lol! that’s really quirky and random, I love your humor lol!.

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Funny moment! Quirk haha!



epic manifesto moments

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You won’t believe number 12!



I feel as if we should go for a human like character that wakes up in a dystopian destroyed setting, all by his/herself in a world where everybody evacuated to another planet, because of war or something. she/he only is remaining on a small town or city.

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