Debuggers berets


Just private message him. (I was wondering why you didn’t do that sooner…)


Thank you for telling me


You might’ve gotten the hat if you didn’t report bugs solely for the hat in the first place.


mabye i kinda did that to get people talking, i dont really care


well atleast you got the attention of the dev :slight_smile:


Speaking of glitches, has the glitch where you fall through the ground in washington been fixed?


No it hasn’t been fixed


now to wait for a response from nelson


Bumping your thread every time ain’t helpful.


It doesn’t happen in Washington only
Happens in Russia and Germany too


Oh. For me it only happens when I respawn on washington, but only the spawn point next to the camp.


Happened to me today while in the Petersburg tunnels
Started sinking into the ground, but after jumping and proning, got rid of it


Unrelated to the topic of the thread. OP got his answer, move on.


that is usually what you have to do to get rid of the bug