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4.x Topic Registry

Please tell me this isn’t an April Fools joke.


So, is Pineridge just a small test map like Devtest_1, or a whole map that might get carried into the full version like PEI?


By ‘premium’, will this be seperate from Gold? I do like the idea of paying to get access to the official servers, but, if it is seperate and there is a discount for Gold members, I’m up for it.

Maybe make it like $20


From the way it’s going, I think it might be a full version. I hope it will be carried into a full version, because the map and setting seems quite good. And hey, it’d make a good tutorial map.


This is fantastic!

Keep up the great work!





Premium pass that grants access to Official Servers. (I love it) <3


Oh my god! I am sooo excited for 4.0 and Nelson you still didnt fix steam overlay in 3.0 Its still for somebody working and for others its still doesnt work please fix.


My current plan is for Unturned 4.x to be FREE without any in-game purchases/cosmetics/skins, aside from the exception of a Premium pass that grants access to Official Servers.

…this part’s a joke, right?


the game is a bit too grey and dark in my opinion


it looks like 2.0 but prettier, which i like

but uh

i’m not worried about that




either that or dead serious + stated at the worst date


official server is useful

  • no admin abuse
  • no cheater abuse
  • no random wipe (i think, maby)


3.0 is too bright and cheery. It’s a zombie apocalypse, not a nice, sunny day to go out and kill some zombies. 4.0 needs to be much darker, with subdued colours.


it’s just such a weird thing to have a free game where the only thing you’d pay for is access to OFFICIAL SERVERS, of all things. it’s totally bizarre. i THINK i’ve figured out the logic behind it, but it’s just…weird.

i saw you delete that point about it being a bonus, by the way. i got my eye on you, you pinko commie.


Actually the pass is likely to make up with the server upkeep cost but also to prevent excess traffic. Pretty expensive to manage to be honest


actually i think it’s because nelson wants to keep the game free while also being able to pay for official servers, so he’s only charging people who will actually use those servers.

but still, it’s just such a bizarre thing to see in a game and it doesn’t sit right with me


off topic, but does anyone in here know how to set up materials in blender v.2.79? (if you do, i have a post: Need help with mod, so far, i haven’t recieved any actual help)