Devlog #008



If you didn’t understand the message, 4.x will be free and you need to buy a ‘Premium pass’ to gain access to official servers

I doubt there will be some special discount for gold DLC owners in 3.X, though it’s up to the dev


How are you gonna make money in a bit faster way though. You said it will only have dog, but you may need some microtransactions. Maybe cosmetics with no mythical effects


I can see that the roads are more painted on.


He said he has no problems financially, but the pass is just funds for server hosting. Like paying for donator’s benefits in server which then is used for server upkeep

Otherwise a gold upgrade DLC and/or other optional micro-transactions would be added in


Ok.(10 characters)


I saw it the minute it was posted, but I know we aren’t all in the same time zone.


How about making a simple poll for paid or not paid question? I believe more than a half of community would love unturned 4 to be paid just to get rid off big part of hackers


I think there was a poll somewhere, but still the devlog states that it has been decided that the game will be free to download



(min ten characters)


What do you mean when you say “low-spec PC”? Because im 99% sure im way under the “low-spec” specs


prob like 4gb ram and integrated and a pentium




For the Unturned 4.0 Level Editor:
please add preview images to objects, so you don’t have to place down like 20 of them to find what you need.


Unturned 4.x to be FREE without any in-game purchases/cosmetics/skins

Best thing I’ve heard all week (next to horde mode, of course :wink: )

Keep up the good work, Nelson.


I like that roads are finally flat, aren’t sticking out from ground


Access to Official* servers that’s different, multiplayer will be most likely accessible to anyone.


hOrDe MoDe LeTS gO!!!


Yeah, close enough
People can still make their own servers.


you need to make money out of this game, skins and boxes is a good idea for it


A "damaged font’ for the plates would be better, like that