Devlog #008



Unreal Engine 4 afaik has native support for Mac, so porting may be as simple as him just building a copy for Mac without any major changes to code. The first beta might not be for Mac, but I’ll probably try and get a ported version out using Wine if that works so us Mac peasants can play.


maybe if nelson would listen to my stupid idea and make unturned a rpg we could have daily challenges for levels which give us nothing they would be just for fun you get me or like the only way to get player skins is not from buyng them its just from the thing i mentioned above of coure im refering to fortnite except without the paid battle pass or like getting unturned currency by playing and not buying idk just dont read this


Yeah, it’s stupid


My god, he made the roadside more gravley. Thanks Nelson


maybe you could find in-game dyes around the map and paint some parts of the gun/clothing? That would be cool


Something similar is already planned, which can/would use the textile variation system.


Speaking of maps, will I be able to move around, add & connect the mesh vertices on the in-game editor models?

Tired of using the same look for broken offroaders, APCs, helicopters, etc

I know, I can do this with the power of modding but I’m too lazy to enter blender, get the vehicle file and do whatever.
(Also can quickly remove table legs, helicopter blades, etc without the extract & modify bs)

Could also use a manual colour changer.


This thread is about 4.X, you’re getting really offtopic. Why not just create a post in #workshop or #unturned-3?
Edit: I flagged your replies as irrelevant, I understand that you think they’re relevant, but I don’t not, and I hope we both can defer to the staff’s judgement.


How about all Regulars become admins for official servers? (I can already imagine the admin abuse that i’ma pull off /s)


fuck yeah boio, let’s make a god damn official cabal and make the official servers into virtual mexico but better because even WE’RE not that incompetent /s


We’ll have an entire firing squad with rubber bands, on vanish, and sniping every newcomer with them /s


ill start a new sky base design that has a room for everyone


plots evil plan

Guess I’ll be spawning in 1000 potatoes for everyone.


laughs evilly


@give NeedlessMemeing/132/1000
noslon plz


We need more screenshots… and dev streams! :slight_smile:


Does Noslon still do dev streams? And with screenshots, he needs something to show off, eg Pineridge, so you might expect some more screenshots in the coming weeks.


He used to do dev streams a long while back, he stopped doing them though :frowning:


Nah, he stopped. That’s why I’m bugging him about it ever since I can remember. Sadly I wasn’t around to watch any of them when he did.


Becoming a regular is just by staying on the forum for long enough and being active right? Time to become a regular…