Devlog #011



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Technical week!


Beware all ye who enter

bloody brilliant


Amazing as always! Keep up the great work! :smile:


I think the effects of CI are being massively downplayed here. It’s honestly a huge game-changer in that it can allow important patches to be applied in record time and efficiency.

As always, we have your back Nelson!


Is the beta going to have Mac support?


Great Work


I understood everything.


Great to hear that you will be working on the administration features.


Neat. Seems like your getting a lot done, I’m hyped to see what is to come. I hope we get more of these Technical Devlogs, there really interesting, and I’m sure there far easier to make then to show off the actual game.


Hmmmmmmmmm soon gonna be in college… will miss devlog :’)


I may not understand most of what’s going on in the Devlog, but I’m glad that there’s an update nevertheless!


He’s mostly just making it so the game will be updated faster once it comes out, as far as I know XP


This one wants me to use my brain. I wish i had one…