Devlog #015


Yes, the image is photoshop, but it illustrates well what you mean is that the mirrors and mirrors of the car can be useful in the chase (however, the reflection can probably be turned on and off in graphic settings, ie for those who have a very basic computer depending on the optimization that we know will be very good but I think effects like this continued heavy and anyone who has the basic computer with 4GB of RAM a dual core of 2 GHz or less will probably have to disable this option.




Didn’t you model for the 3.0 mesh?


But Unturned’s main audience needs a player model to represent them!


Not everyone can buy a RTX 2080 graphics card!


Hello Nelson. I’m Stanislav and I’m an ardent fan of the game. I adore Unturned and it stands for me in the first place among the survivals. And I have a couple of ideas for the second part of the game that I would like to add there. Firstly, I propose to make the character damage from shots or strikes, as well as traces of weapons, for example when a character is shot in the leg of a character, a bone breaks and he can not jump and run, and in the place of the shot there was a trace from a bullet hit and blood nearby with her. Secondly, I would like to make a twist animation in the car. In the third, you can make the character’s gender and use both of the character’s skeletons. The first as a male, and the new as a female. I would very much like to see this. And now I wish you health and good luck. Bye

P. S: Sorry for the clumsy translation. I do not know English well yet :slight_smile:


Nelson who is the programmer showed the reflexes before this video card was released, besides that the reflections in the glass can be turned off in the graphic options.


Heyo so I just wanted to post some feedback for you Nelson.

With the obviously much different structure and form of presentation in Dev Blog #15 I think it needs to be said that It is much better then previous bland text posts. I have been one to heavily critique your community involvement in the past, this for me seems like a very good step in the right direction. I felt really engaged and interested in something I normally wouldn’t have cared about and just hearing you talk about what kind stuff you wanna see and asking people what they want even if you sounded a little nervous really helped too humanize you as you are someone who tends to be thought of as just the developer of Unturned rather then the guy who makes Unturned and I think there is a big difference there and It’s a difference that opens you up too more criticism. Atleast that’s my experience with this community regarding you and I think making much more personal videos helps to remedy that problem. Also I’m very thankful that you mentioned the RP community as I feel like we often get overlooked in development despite being arguably the most played part of Unturned and definitely the most lucrative. Ohh and please oohh please lord make sure too add in the Replay System that’s on the Roadmap. The amount of man hours and just aids that that will spare me as a RP server owner and administrator is astounding, being able to actually make the little 12 Year Olds who scream KOS or FAILRP to check their replay and see if whoever the accused is actually broke will legit save my frickin life and take so much stress of every staff member of every RP Server.


Could you repost that reply as a video? The bland wall of text dehumanizes you. /s


lol it looks like unturneds version of player.mdl from half life 2


it was a joke


Well if our 3.x character looking like a fat kid, well we where living in a fat kid world, cause zombies have the same size as us expect for fat adult (mega zombie)


It’s okay Pineridge confirmed in America due to fat zombies /s


Where is devlog #16, i need it NOW


whatthefunk, dude.
you really helped nelson by typing this. you’re gonna see the next devlog. just count to 10 in binary


shudup. you can wait.


Thanks for necroing about something that is hours/a day away from happening.
Not like Nelson would see it and go: “One guy is really impatient, i’ll actually post the devlog!”


Im sorry i didnt mean it like that, just wanted to show how hyped i am and that im really looking forward to the next devlog, didnt think anyone would get offended :slightly_frowning_face:


lmao this is the internet, you gotta make your intent known or you will die.