Did you know?


you just need the right equipment and Health Precautions


I meant nukes.

not robots.


Didja also know that after that, the sun is vastly just a super hot ball of iron? So if somehow one of those floated into our solar system, we would be able to get a ton of iron (though, if it’s cooled down, and it somehow doesn’t affect the rotation of the planets.)

I could list a million and one thing I know about stuff. But meh.

For example, black holes are formed by matter compression into such a small space that the gravity gets strong enough to pull in light.

Sorry this was out ages after my last comment xd


Saying all those things is pretty much a dead giveaway on the fact that you’re that “quite-kid” whom thinks you’re smarter than everyone but yet failed basic math. /s


You do realize that in astronomical terms, that’s the equivalent of a microsecond? I think what you meant is more along the lines of 5,000,000,000,000 years.

Also, if you could list a million and one things, riddle me this: What effect does greyshift have on the solar system’s principial motion?

Correct answer: none because grey shift doesn’t exist. Redshift does, but it doesn’t really effect us because it’s happening around us.

Here are some more neat space facts: There is a massive galactic wall that scientists have discovered far FAR away (shrek haha lol!11) that the time it would take for it’s light to reach us is somewhere in the ballpark of how long it’s taken for the universe itself to form - definetly not enough time for a superwall of galaxies to build up.

(i’m sure this picture means something to someone out there)

Also about the “ton of iron” entering the solar system and it’s chance to effect planetary rotation:

It’s a ton

if you know the least bit about gravity you’d know how wrong that sentence is

Also also the relation between mass, weight, and gravity is an 8th grade skill, and you claim to be 15
i’m younger than you and i already know these things



No, it was some stuff I listed off the top of my head, which is stuff just about everyone knows xd


Ehh used to think it was 5 MIL. , till every person I told said it was 5000 years. So yeah.

TBH, I’ve never heard of the greyshift you talk about, even from the number of things I’ve read and heard.

More of I was being sarcastic about knowing a million and one things. I may know slightly more than the average person my age, (ex. How to make objects that can keep a wormhole open)but I couldn’t talk about the properties of the universe. Ya know?

Maybe I shoulda added a /s to the end of that.

If I wasn’t tired and in the mood, I would tell you all I know about stuff. But ye.


Well if you’re into that…

A billion years in the future. All your hopes and dreams would be long gone.

A trillion years and the galaxies beyond the local group would be way too far away to be observe. Or impossible to reach without teleportation.

A couples years from that and stars would start dying.

And black holes.

It’s really boring so I like to be somewhere else than just here.


I’m sorta curious on what would happen in the final years of the universe?

Will it all restart? Is the universe in an endless cycle?

Or is this a one time thing, and nothing can be done to extend its existence.

Are we one of many universes with different things occurring? Or are there many universes but they’re all the same, since possibly they all started the same way, at the same time.

Are our lives worth anything?

Is it possible, that our existence is meant to save a dying universe?

I really don’t know.




Well, we don’t really know. But really, do you think it’s possible for humans to save the universe?
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Saying that is like “this worker ant will save the world.”

I like how this suddenly turned into an episode of nova science now for no apparent reason.


yeah Germany is technical at the north side of Canada.


earth is flat confirmed


Also its imposible to save a dying universe since theres as many planets as each individual grain of sand. So even if humans survive the suns detonation and then becomes a red dwarf but then 1 billion years later (I think thats how long, correct if im wrong) becomes white dwarf and then Another billion years later we have a black dwarf, which basically means our suns energy has depleted and will leave the solar system as well as many other planets leaving. so if we even are lucky to escape to another planet, we still wont save our universe


Image result for Universe death outcomes These are outcomes of the universe death


No matter how much we strive Nelson’s Unturned creation will be just an infinitely small point on the enormous universal scale ,on this doomed reality.


were not doomed yet, we still have 7 billion years since the outcomes start happening.


But we don’t know if we passed the great filter


ah yes, the great filter. I have theory that it come in 5 billion years, when the sun implodes on itself killing the earth