Dig the soil


Imagine that you’re happy, driving the bulldozer, making your underground o i l base, when someone comes and destroys the truck, “bye work of my life :(”


That why olive oil is better. Also, since it is non-polar, it doesnt disolve in water, which makes it good for oiling everything! You can make a trap by spreading olive oil onto the ground, and then when people come to destroy you digger, they slip, and fall and drown in olive oil! /S


Huh?Olive oil, if you drown in olive oil, what is this?


easy have a chance for rooms in a base to cave in when not in your base. the more supports you have in a room in your base the less likely of a chance it has to collapse and destroy whatever is in the room with some salvageable items.


Have you ever modelled something, or programmed a game where you can mine blocks and place them?
I have and I can tell you…if this were implemented the entire terrain should be cut into pieces, which could then be mined one by one. That’s why Minecraft is all blocky. I hope I don’t have to explain how would this affect the game performance. Unless the game is somewhat centered around it, it’s not a good idea. Also in order to keep the terrain non-blocky there should either be lots of blocks made just for auto-tiling or it’d have to become like a modelling too. And modelling tools aren’t optimised for gameplay performance. A single high poly model can cause your entire computer to attempt suicide if you don’t have enough good graphics card while modelling, meanwhile in-game you can have lots of them and still run smoothly with same graphics. That’s how big the difference in information is. As things stand now mining and digging isn’t an option.


I Feel this wouldn’t be good since people would find a way to glitch through the floor if there raiding. Plus, Wouldn’t the bulldozer just plow through the floor.


Did I hear O I L?


I think Worms 3D and Worms 4 Mayhem are the best non-Minecraft examples for games with destructible maps, i think the map was blocky but built to not look like that.


Yeah, but Unturned maps are quite free-form so auto-tiling wouldn’t work with them.