Driving while pointing guns out of windows/car sunroofs


This doesn’t seem essential to gameplay, but I would like to be able to drive with a gun pointed out of the driver’s window, to make for better vehicle combat. Also, I would like car sunroofs that you could shoot out of (at cars infront of/behind you). Destructible glass in cars would also be cool, so that you could look out and shoot out the back window to shoot at cars behind you (just for effect). This may be a (kinda) dumb idea, but it’d add more intense gameplay, and a more fun gameplay aspect.


maybe you could hold Q and E to lean out of car windows, as well as hold a key to peep up through the sunroof, that’d be nice


If duel wielding is not approved for 4.0 Then I would say no.

But if for some reason it is. I don’t see this as a survival feature. Rather it’s more of a PVP feature.

Also if you were really into the idea. I’d like to make it a little bit more balanced by that you turns slower.

Car become less stable (meaning they will occasionally turn a little bit left to right everytime you tried to shoot ) and that the gun would be less accurated and have more recoil.

(Because guns are “heavy” and not to mention you have to use 1 of the hand on steering wheel. Unless it’s a pistol or something that light. In that case it would be more accurate. But not as good as not in a car.)

Edit. If you were talking about having your friend as a shooter. Then just ignore the whole balancing thing.


i meant the guy driving, but as well as all the other bros in the car as well.
and no, im not talking about the driver holding a goddamn hells fury out the window, lol. only maybe for pistols and small smgs, like, basically whatever fits in the secondary slot (whatever can be held in one hand, the other being on the steering wheel).
the gun accuracy should go way, way down as well, basically remove the crosshair entirely maybe, but maybe the camera follows what you’re aiming at with the gun, not the actual car view, so it’d naturally be hard to steer the car.
also - I just meant for the driver, but the leaning out the window thing i meant for everyone in the car


If this is to become a thing, it will only work in tandem with the dual wielding system (no two handed weapons), and provide all of the same debuffs (such as heavily reduced accuracy and lengthy reload).

Considering buildings in Unturned II will come with windows, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same case for vehicles.


I’m pretty sure this is confirmed, as duel wielding IS going to be present.


FYI, this isn’t confirmed, it’s an expansion off of dual wielding which is confirmed.


Personally, I feel that the driver should not be able to reload his pistol/SMG after firing, as he doesn’t have at extra hand to do so. Therefore, extended magazines like the ones for the Glock/Cobra should be a thing for most, if not all pistols.


I would have sworn that it was on one of the Trello that shooting out of cars with a small weapon was going to be implemented…


Until you can directly provide a source, I’m 100% sure that this never occurred.

Meanwhile, dual wielding is visible in the Trello as well as Upcoming Features.


I checked the trellos and nothing is there. But I know I’ve seen it somewhere before…


Reloading should make you loose control of the vehicle for the time it takes to do so. You shouldn’t decelerate though


pls not dual wielding
i just meant leaning out of car windows to shoot, and shooting behind you/shooting through sunroofs by using Q and E/ space for sunroof. i don’t see how it has anything to do with dual wielding.
also, i believe the car doesn’t need to go off course, it will be hard to control the car without that, because you’re focused on whatever you’re trying to shoot, so you won’t be able to follow a road or do other car-related stuff well.


sidenote: reloading should make you momentarily lose control of the car (for however long it takes to reload the gun)


As I said, because you’re using one hand to fire a weapon that can only be a one handed weapon, it has to work like the dual wielding mechanic, since dual wielding also involves shooting weapons with one hand each that can only be one handed weapons.

Dual wielding is confirmed whether you like it or not.


Basically implemented too, although finishing/polishing it off is backlogged afaik.

Because of one hand being on the wheel and one hand being on a gun, probably. I wouldn’t be surprised if it reused the same animations/work already done for dual-wielding tbh.

And then aim with the free-look camera possibly.

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Im sorry to anyone who doesnt want this to be in the game, but it has been said on the Trello that you can peek out of the car by LEANING. And that the driver WILL BE ABLE to shoot whilst driving.


That Trello card doesn’t exist. There is no information about vehicles available on the roadmap besides that cars are planned far down the line.

If you’re reference something off the Wishlist board, that’s just a collection of community ideas. None of it is confirmed/planned to happen, and that board shouldn’t be used as your primary resource. Also, that card doesn’t mention shooting whilst driving anyways.

It’s not unlikely that, when vehicles are eventually added, you’ll be able to lean out of them. However, calling it “confirmed” is pretty misleading imho.


Trello wishlist is something which he wishes to implement. If he wishes to imprement something, especially useful and basic, as shooting out of a car he probably will.

If you dont belive me here is a link that will send you directly where Nelson wrote this himself

First one is under the COMBAT section and talks about driving and shooting.

Second one is under the GAMEPLAY section and talks about leaning out of a moving car and shooting.


I think that speaks for itself.

Its a list the nelson compiled of things people were asking for alot, you can see the current and actual trello below.