Dynamic Zombies!


Perhaps a complete overhaul of zombies, the only real threat at this point in 3.0 is other players. I can’t tell anybody enough how I dislike clearing a town or city just for the zombies to spawn back! Maybe add specific spawn points for zombies throughout the map where they can migrate throughout the rest of the locations to make Unturned feel more realistic instead of all zombies being dependent on their spawn location.
Further applications of this would make the game feel much more realistic and dangerous, instead of running outside the bounds of a town you’d have to either outrun or kill the zombies chasing you to escape.
Another thing, I hate hate hate how after I shoot a zombie in the leg or arm is the limb is still present, I think we’d all LOVE to shoot out a zombies legs so it’d have to crawl towards you on the ground.

If a mass spawn location and zombies migrating to their spawn areas aren’t plausible to you, then how about large dynamic hordes independent of spawn locations randomly trawl the map and combine themselves with other hordes they find along the way. I’d love to be just driving down the highway and have to suddenly stop due to a large horde of zombies on my tail. OOH and sprite collisions is a MUST It’s too easy to run down a large horde of zombies in your bicycle slowly peddling down the side of the road.

Anything else? I’d guess glass for vehicles maybe? an actual radio station players can run and listeners can tune into from their stereos or walkie talkies or even a zombie spawning at your death location?

Here’s some stuff I would die for if aren’t ported over to 4.0

  • Player Character Full Spectrum Skin ( I like to make my character green & blue)

  • Sprinting in all directions (maybe a perk to balance?)

  • Beautiful UI

  • Crafting/Base Building (please don’t pull a dayz and remove that)

  • Horde Beacons

That’s it I guess… for now anyways.


not have how discord with this.
other thing with i hate in zombies is the fact of spawn in a place in front of you like magica!


Sprinting in all directions

Maybe not.


nobody would like to see green skinners in 4.x
It’s already confirmed
there won’t be any more red, blue, or green skin colors

  • skin colors from across the rainbow are immersion breaking, make absolutely zero sense, and are virtually 100% guaranteed not to make it into Unturned II.

  • sprinting in all directions is also very unlikely to make a comeback as it isn’t realistic

  • not sure what you mean by “beautiful UI”

  • crafting and base building are two core mechanics of the game. If anything these will be vastly expanded upon.

  • horde beacons are one of the most controversial features ever added to Unturned due to balance issues, and it only serves as a placeholder substitute for the late Horde mode. Since Horde mode is seeing a comeback in Unturned II, it’s safe to say horde beacons will not return.

Guess you’re dead now.


Horde beacon is a mistake and a sad replacement of horde mode

Though I made an idea for a reworked horde beacon acting as a noise trap


All I want is migration and horde mechanics of zombies. Hordes of zombies migrating from one spot to another would be cool. Say you clear a town, well, instead of zombies spawning there, they spawn elsewhere or migrate from another town.

I also want to cage a zombie.


Cough Cough

How the hell are you gonna to shoot out the limb? It’s not a GTA 3.


Hey this is pretty okay :ok_hand:

I’m laughing so hard at this and I don’t know why.


Yeah about the UI part I hope he makes some major improvenents to that, cuz 3.0’s UI is rly ugly (in my point of view)


Maybe make hives that act as spawnpoints for zombies around maps


Nice necro…


You also dont need to keep posting about your idea, you made a topic dedicated for that.