Eating corpses


No u.
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Let’s settle this once and for all.

  • I want cannibalism in Unturned II
  • Eww no
  • I don’t care either way

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sees im the only one who voted for cannibalism


You’re a crow, so I suppose it makes sense?

…err I mean get the pitchforks y’all


I dont really see Unturned 4 being productive from cannibalism.
(and for that reason, I am out) (shark tank)


whatever enjoy your DayZ ripoff :0


Why would you Necro this, just let the post die


it wasnt a necro yet but I agree, I want it to die as well XD


Not exactly relevant, but if not having cannibalism makes Unturned II a “DayZ ripoff”, then I guess you’ve played a DayZ ripoff for the past 4 years.

Incredible amounts of hypocrisy here.


I was joking, lol


Oh, come on, everybody knows you have to make it excruciatingly clear you’re joking on the Internet because they can’t hear your voice tone. It’s like, forums 101.

I’d recommend inserting /s into your comment next time


thoses kind of topics are the reason why i lose faith in humanity…


what good has humanity done for the world though


Who decides what is good, if not humanity?


hah i’m reading over this again and it’s fucking hilarious


Lol saw this thread up at the top and thought “Fucking hell, not again.”


I would never fucking accept cannibalism in Unturned. Scum can go to fucking hell. The only thing I could tolerate is if certain resources can be obtained from people, like for example bones and bone fragments, similar to Rust.


Adds to gameplay, why not.


Adds to gameplay =/= good gameplay.


Yes it is good gameplay. If im starving without food and i see a person in the house im going to kill him and eat him.