Eating corpses


And he will respawn at his bedroll and you will eat eachother infinite times.

∞/10 gameplay


No, no you won’t.

People only resort to cannibalism if there is no other choice. And usually someone will sacrifice themselves for the others to survive. (if you dare say that people do it in real life while not being in those situations I will gladly remind you that those people are mentally insane.)


EDIT: I should clarify that I do understand you were probably just thinking of cannibalism committed in addition to a crime. </end edit>

Bit of a gray area to say what is and isn’t acceptable in different cultures across the world. Regardless, LeMaKoTi specifically said if he was “starving without food,” which would probably constitute as a situation where there is no other choice. And, considering it’s a game, there’s far less of a moral dilemma to begin with (so people would most definitely resort to cannibalism, unless your argument is that it’s morally unrealistic and that’s why it shouldn’t be added).

That being said, if the only potential “negative” to it is that it might conflict with your in-game moral behavior, that’s pretty shoddy. That’s not good gameplay, because then people will just farm corpses (either their own or someone else’s) for infinite food, as said by Harvest:

I believe Rust had added a bit of “saltiness” to human meat so that players became thirsty after consuming it. If Unturned was to have human meat as a food, something similar should be in effect as to discourage its continued use outside of extreme situations. Players shouldn’t be the main food source.

Alternatively (additionally?), cannibalism could result in effects similar to the hallucinogenic berries, such as screen-shaking, if it was to be added.

That dude in the house though? He probably had food. You probably wouldn’t have needed to consume him. Plus, if players are going to be able to turn Turned after dying, they’re probably not at all safe for consumption.


It’s already been established that this is a heavily controversial topic that has seen more people in disapproval than in approval for implementation. Other games that have cannibalism are oriented specifically towards more mature players, and while Unturned II is making the push to be more hardcore, it definitely doesn’t need this mechanic at all. On top of this, your justification has been poor, since you haven’t once stated how this would even be balanced in any remotely reasonable way. I would however, be open to an adaptation, for example with @MoltonMontro’s reasoning on how to actually balance the cannibalism mechanic.

Let’s be fully honest though. It’s not gonna happen.


For zombies - yes, players - no


I havent cleared my motives because I thought they were clear.
First of all I doubt “body farming” will be an issue, since you just assumed that 4.0 will still use the same system as 3.0 which is a big asumption that isnt really credible,

but lets say it does use it for whatever reason.

Like the OP said, your “radiation” would go down.
I agreed with that in my post. It doesnt strictly have to be radiation, but it would make you sick and give you other debuffs such as for example halucination like MoltonMontro mentioned.


First of all, the green bar in Unturned is an immunity bar, not a radiation bar. Though it’s still apparent that you both you and the OP have made the same kinds of assumptions you just ironically accused me of making.

Secondly, this alone is not good enough of a balance. In Rust it is very common still for people to farm human meat off of corpses, and the saltiness was only a nerf to what was already a meta. Literally everyone (myself included) would completely harvest all the meat out of a human corpse, and cooking it was trivially easy as well. Hallucinations would be good to add to the mix, but even then, I’m really not sure why it’s so necessary to have cannibalism as a feature in the main game.

Plus, you could even kill yourself and harvest your own body (another tactic used in Rust), defeating the whole purpose of the system. There’s just too many holes to fill if this were to be added in, and I maintain my stance against doing so.


Eating human meat causes insanity and something called ‘shaking disease’ might wanna look into that.


Well, in reality unless this “shaking disease” is going to be a huge factor in Unturned II for cannibals, I rest my case.

That being said the medical system will likely get vastly overhauled, so it’s anyone’s guess at this point.


what are you talking about


perhaps human meat wouldn’t be harvestable if you had your hunger and thirst bar above 10% or something (it wouldn’t just be “dropped” like in 3.0 for animals, etc) but obviously because corpses are going to be lootable then you could just hold F on a corpse and the meat would be harvested, and like, you could only harvest it if you were really hungry or thirsty. Which could stop it from being mass-farmed.


You just gave me a super reasonable idea.

All human meat is somewhat toxic, but what if it was more toxic the worse the nutritional state of the person you killed?

E.g. a (formerly) fully healthy person’s flesh wouldn’t be nearly as toxic as that of someone who was malnourished. Someone who starved to death would likely have a body filled with toxins by that point for any potential cannibals.

Not only does this balance it for people killing themselves when things go south, but in addition it adds a level of uncertainty for cannibals. You don’t really know how well fed the person you just killed was, and it wouldn’t be worth risking unless you were really desperate (much like how you should have to be desperate to even become a cannibal!)


That sounds like a pretty good idea, too


But if everyone always spawns in with a full stomach, that would mean it’s safer to get food by spawn camping than by fighting geared players.


I wonder if II will change the percent you spawn with.


i think only being able to eat human meat if you’re starving would be a good idea, for a survival scenario


How about we all just take a step back, and tell me. How stupid is this idea once you actually look at it.

  • Yeah it’s a terrible idea.
  • Cannibalism is awesomeeee(being eaten)
  • AJ is a big fat fart. (what)

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Wow, deja vu.


They won’t listen to the old one, so we must do if again.


A subtle reminder that I am strongly against the % bar system to begin with, and instead want to implement an in-depth calorie intake/consumption system.

With this in mind, neither of these should be a problem, since you will start out with sufficient calories to stave off starvation for a while yet not nearly close to what is considered a “high” calorie reserve nor limit.