Emotes in 4.0


Insurgency does it pretty well; it has the standard ‘voice commands’ (gestures for Unturned) numbered on a wheel-like interface, then there’s a button for squad leaders to give orders or ‘leader commands’ (available to everyone in Unturned as ‘tactical gestures’).


Kazotsky kick. Simple enough and carries a lot of meaning.


I wouldn’t stepped into that territory if I were you.
(I know, it’s not unturned, but still, this is the closest thing we’ll ever get… egh…)


But muh TF2 memes


Hell Yeah.


That is not the true slav dance.


Import 3.0 Emotes + Now Unturned II Emotes seems better. But if only 3.0 emotes, perhaps make the animations more crisp.


Fortnite did it good btw

Here are some ideas:

Caramelldansen- Makes your character’s hips, waist and arms move side to side by a high-pitched sped up version of a Swedish pop song called “Caramelldansen” by Caramella.

Gangnam Style- Does the whole Gangnam style compared to the summarized one by Roblox.

Gentleman- Makes your character’s legs spread and the arms spread up high while the hips are moving by another song by Psy besides Gangnam style.

Air Guitar- Does the good ol air guitar and yeah.


obviously it’d be squatting down though
we need to preserve the motherland in some way or another


I like the old emotes. Nelson should add those and make new ones as well, the 3.0 ones are too iconic to be left behind.



Oof Oops oh


Can’t wait for the Unturned II battlepass! :pray: