Escape From Tarkov



…a market item that has enough of a net profit margin to regularly overcome the 15% tax hurdle is grindable?!

PUBG’s market is broken, you guys have it so easy


Heads up, version 0.8.0 officially hit about a week ago, and it’s awesome enough that they made an entire trailer showing off its content.

Note: There’s a moment when it shows the game’s insignia and you think the trailer is over, but there’s more


Nelson, if you’re reading this, pay attention to the gun sway in EFT. I don’t have any firsthand exp with the game but as you can see in the trailer, when you move the mouse your gun sluggishly follows and gets to where you’re aiming after you turn your head to see what you’re aiming for in the first place. I think a feature like that’d really help Unturned 4.0 out in aesthetics and also gunplay.


That’s not only a feature in EFT, but dictated by stats.

Lugging around a bulky gun and your heavy gear/armor will make you more cumbersome, but for example adding attachments that boost ergonomics (or removing some to make the gun lighter) can help mitigate this effect.

EFT also used to have very strong aimpunch (the effect of having your aim knocked off course if you are shot) but they got rid of it this update due to how many people were complaining about it. Let this be a lesson that while something may be realistic, balance and QoL should usually come first.

Another thing EFT does very well is it adds nightvision and thermal vision, yet both of them are still very balanced due to their realistic limitations such as glare or visual quality.

I like the modularity of 4.0’s stat system as I feel we’re headed in a good direction. EFT is an excellent role model, I feel, for a lot of 4.0’s mechanics.