Everyone is here! (Forums Edition)


Yeah, I was about to mention that. As well as the misleading “forums edition” in the title, these are almost all Mojdect inside jokes.

Like this image. It looks like a shitshow and nobody really gets it unless you’re a part of the in-crowd. And if you’re not in the picture, you feel bad and unpopular.

In any case this is mother freaking epic


Smash Bros. meme with Unturned content creators/personalities.


Molt is simple man. Molt approve just because of Roblox Molt. :]


Why is G2M a higher tier than Nelson?


Because Cyprus.


Molton: Is Ego-Boosted!


Im glad im not on there. it would probably just look stupid or something XD

no seriously, I am glad. If Me or any more people are put on there… then


“I wonder how the unturned community is rn”
opens forum


Bro, that is old news. I havent done that for months. LEAVE


Even I’m not relevant anymore /s


you never were relevant


I’m always asked “What mod did this guy make again?” xd



Same. 10 characters.


god bless the united states of freedom


Wait, what is games2much doing above Nelson in rank?

Maybe i’ll have to settle this injustice myself…
Obviously your missing another combatant


dangerous opinion: gamez should be f rank


Hersey of the highest order!


Very cool stuff really!!! I wish I was important enough to deserve one, I really like these gj!


Animatic: Awoos the competition!