Everyone is here! (Forums Edition)


Regularity (or even a somewhat active presence on this forum) aren’t necessary to be featured, nor do they guarantee you will be featured in this beauty pageant.




haha funny meme xd




yes i like a lot


this doesnt deserve a like because drmz makes models he doesnt optimize competition


Perhaps he doesn’t


I’m actually dabbing


wheres your polarboi pesky


Jk just wondering if this was the new smash


Look at the last one, he made one for you


Alright I’ve been back from purgatory and I wanted to animated this shit masterpiece. Can I? :thinking:


First of all, Ive said multiple times I dont want to XD, even though I knew it would never happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, lowish? oh rly? :thinking:

literally everyone who has said anything related to them having theirs on there or not is well known around here. The forum isnt a place of thousands of people, at most it has a couple hundred. which around 60% dont even use the forum.


nelson approves of his hentai subheading


Once you lose, you cannot gain.


Comon man, add more people like Azz, Reaver, Yarrrr, Deus, (me!), Crossfire, Wakko, Peedeeo etc!!!

Edit: Azz is in already, haven’t noticed ^^’


I think Nelson is my main character now


I forgot about Yarrr, I wanted to do him but went to bed earlier lol, as for Reaver (among others), Not too sure what to have their little sentence about.


Reaver: He’s still watching
Yarrrr: Yarrrr! (ikd :p)
Deus: Moderation intensefies
Wakko: Secretly hides fried waffles in a cabinet
Peedeeo: Can explain with simple words, but won’t

Idk I’m trying :smiley:
The rest of the list I made, it’s your call


I was added as Assistant trophy…