Everyone is here! (Forums Edition)


C rating you’re welcome


those are contained in the modject for a reason


man I wish I could see them :thinking:




forum bot deems this a uhhh uncplete sentence ok yes


man I sure do wish I was in the Modject :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


tbh same but not really



You got a PNG for the PFP? :slight_smile:


lol no coz Blizzard doesn’t want me to be happy and they want to ruin my memes


Okay no big poster for you lol


He’ll be coming for me soon.


Just outside the camera’s view lies the remnants of Waluigi. >:]


Hey there! I just wanted to…aggressively ask to be in this meme even though I have a low(ish) presence on the site LMAO GET TROLLED FAM :joy::joy::joy:


“send profile PNG” in five, four, three…


I suggest myself
Reason: why da fowk not?


fookin hell i feel the assist devil himself outside my door, ready to put me the trophy