Fall damage


i go talk about physics and about realism.

I dont like the word realism in a game of “human blocks” and zombies but have a irritant factor in unturned 3.0 is the totaly lack of acceleration because this i go propose things just to place this in topic.

+Add fisic in the game.
-This go affect all physic objects (Bullets, Vehicles, You Char)

Gravity = 1G = 10m/s
Aceleration = 10m/s SIMPLE!!

detail i make a research and 3 seconds fall in the air is the sufficient to Kill you or cause a good damage in case of you dont use the legs.

This kill you in a acident of car probability yes place a good pilot in you group and remember to aply physic on vehicles hes need mass.


How do you spell physic wrong when you spell it correctly before? Your points are pretty solid though…


wait i stay confuse


You spelled physics (which is correct), but then when you talk about physic objects, you spelt it fisic.


tnks i fix


Is this another post that doesn’t know what capital letters and commas are?

However, the gravity thing is quite appealing.


Well, the guy isn’t a native english speaker, so bare with him.


In 3.x even if you jump from a building the player model still standing so i hope in 4.x player should at least lay down on the ground (falling animation) because of its impact? Will look more realistic